How to book our romantic cottages for two

1. You can book online from your computer or mobile phone/iPhone etc

This is easy! Either click on the red Book Online button on the right (choose Tom’s Barn or Douglas’s Barn) OR hover your mouse over the Availability sign above and click on barn you want.

2. You can telephone us on +44 (0)1335 390 519

If we are there we will always be delighted to speak to you; if we are out, please leave a message and we will ring you back as soon as possible.

3. You can email us on

We will reply as soon as possible.

However, first of all:

  • Decide which barn you’d prefer. If you want to bring a dog with you, it must be Tom’s Barn…
  • Decide when you would like stay here. If you can be flexible in your dates, so much the better!

Things to bear in mind:

  • The usual start/changeover day is Friday but Monday to Monday weeks are also possible
  • Each barn only sleeps 2 (sharing a bed)
  • We warmly welcome ‘singles’
  • We warmly welcome babies if completely immobile!
  • Neither barn is suitable for toddlers or children or any adult of unsure mobility
  • We accept advance bookings for short breaks for dates from October to the end of March only
    • Short breaks go from Fri to Mon (3 nights) or Mon to Fri (4 nights)
    • Both short breaks cost the same, i.e. approximately 70% of the weekly rate
  • We accept (well-behaved) dogs or other domestic pets in Tom’s Barn

1. To book online

1. Click on Check Availability or Book for the barn you’d like to book.

  • Is the date you want coloured green? If so, it is available; if it is red, the dates are already booked.
  • If it’s booked:
    • Would the other barn do instead?
    • Will another date do instead?

2. Click on the date you decide on.

  • The starting day of the dates you are booking is coloured green with a purple line on the top.
  • The start day for a short break is green with the purple line on the top with a yellow line underneath.

3. A box will pop up called ‘Your date selection’.

  • Pull down the number of nights you wish to book
  • Then on the next page of your date selection say whether the booking is for 1 or 2 adults

4. Click the blue BOOK NOW box

5.  Check the details then click Place booking (proceed to secure server)

6. Before you can book you must click Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully before you do so. There is nothing startling or unexpected there, but a booking is a contract between us both and it is important that you understand and accept the expectations. *See Holiday Cancellation Insurance below…

7. Fill in the Booking Request Form

8. Decide how to pay the deposit (or full amount if booking within six weeks of the start date). Please note we will not process any payment until we have confirmed your booking with you. Please also note that we do not have access to your card details if you pay online: these are held securely by Sage Pay.

  • Online card payment
  • Internet transfer
  • Debit/credit card over the telephone
  • Cheque
  • Paypal

9.Submit Booking
You will receive an automated email response acknowledging receipt of your booking request form.  Your booking will remain provisional until you hear from us that we are able to confirm it.

10.Booking confirmation

  • All being well you will soon hear from us that your booking is confirmed.

2. To book by telephone

  • Please ring us on +44 (0)1335 390 519; if we are not in please leave a (clear!) message.
  • If you haven’t heard from us within an hour or two, please email, or ideally, ring the 01335 390 519 landline again and/or our mobile 07813 68 68 99 as the lines might be down, or we might be away briefly from the house.

3. To book by email

  • Check availability on our website if possible
  • Send an email with the dates etc you want. We will reply to say if the dates are available.
  • Then we will agree what you will do next,

How to Pay

Online bookings:

Please note – we do not pass on credit card and other transaction charges.

You may pay:

  • By credit or debit card:
    • You fill in your card details online; these are stored securely by Sage Pay and we have no access to them.
    • If you wish the balance payment to be paid using the same card, please tick the Repeat box. We will then process the balance payment six weeks before your holiday starts, without  having to pester you.
    • If you do not tick the Repeat box, because you feel you may wish to pay the balance by other means, we will rely on you to remember to pay when the time comes.
  • By Internet bank transfer (Ask us for our bank details if you do not have them)
  • Through PayPal – please note that you do not need a PayPal account for this. It is free for you to use, but rather expensive for us this end…!

Email and Telephone Bookings

  • By debit/credit card over the phone
  • Internet bank transfer
  • Cheque

Last minute availability

In the rare instance of a last minute booking, we would expect an immediate credit/debit card payment of the full amount before your arrival

2014 Prices in Detail

For all Weeks From Friday To the week begining Friday Price for a WEEK Fri-Mon, Mon-Fri short breaks? Price for a SHORT BREAK Season
Jan 6th Feb 6th £485 Yes £335 LOW
Feb 7th April 3rd £575 Yes £385 MID
April 4th Oct 2nd £675 No N/A NORMAL
Oct 3rd Nov 27th £575 Yes £385 MID
Nov 28th Dec 21st £485 Yes £335 LOW
Dec 22nd Jan 4th £675 No N/A NORMAL
Low & Mid Season Weeks can start on either a Monday or Friday
Returning guests will have (approx) 5% off the price for a week
All 2015 holidays booked in 2014 will only be charged 2014 prices

Returning Guests Discount

We continue to give all returning guests approximately 5% off the current fee.

Short Breaks

October to March inclusive we offer 3 or 4-night short breaks, which can be booked in advance.
3 nights: Fri/Sat/Sun nights. 4 nights: Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs nights.

April to September inclusive Short breaks are not normally possible. However, there are two exceptions:

1. If the week in question is still free 4 weeks before the start date short breaks are possible.

2. If a short break gap is created by two weekly books on either side of the gap (one a Monday to Monday week, the other a Friday to Friday week, then that short break thus created  is available for booking in advance, as soon as it is created.

The price for short breaks, when available, is approximately 70% of the rate for the relevant week, rounded up or down as seems simplest so we’re not dealing in fractions.

*Holiday Cancellation Insurance

We strongly recommend taking out insurance against your having to cancel your booking due to some unforeseen situation arising. If this happens, The full fee is still due (and not refundable if already paid) unless we are able to re-let the dates. We will always try our hardest to do so, possibly at a discounted rate, but cannot guarantee that we will be successful. To avoid the possibility of mutual embarrassment and hardship we strongly advise you consider taking out cancellation insurance unless you are prepared to take the risk. Any insurance firm should be able to provide this. If it would help we can provide information about the Pavey Group UK Holiday Protection Plan (which is a preferential scheme for Premier Cottage guests) or you can download a PDF version yourself – see the link.

Other Information

And after all this we do hope you will enjoy a wonderfully relaxing and hassle free holiday here!

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