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Facing the Future: Long Live Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns!

Orchard Farm, Parwich and Tom's and Douglas's Barns

Orchard Farm Parwich

The dreaded moment has come, but with it all the same a small hint of excitement and optimism about the next step ahead as we face (and face up to) the next stage in our lives.

Orchard Farm is now officially on the market and with it of course our  much loved Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns. The property is described as a ‘traditional farmhouse with contemporary luxury holiday barns’. and the photographs do everything proud.

Those who know the house well will know what a lot of effort went into the clearing of clutter beforehand…! And those of you who know our strong feelings against ‘lavish drapes and  ‘bed furniture’ will be amused at the photos. (By the way, we were most delighted by the photographer, Amelia Brown, and will happily pass on her contact details to anyone who might be tempted to use her.)

We do not usually go in for bed pillows!

Bed pillows! Whatever next?

We are the most reluctant sellers. It is not because we want to move in the slightest or are bored with our lives here but because – having more than accomplished our allotted span of three score and ten – we need to simplify our lives and downsize while (as we fondly imagine) we are still going strong.  As we have been saying, it is a real case of the the head and not the heart making the decision.

Orchard Farm is the first and only home we have ever owned having previously always lived in houses that went with the job; our little holiday cottage business is the only outfit we have ever owned and run, having previously always been employees…

So both are precious to us, and we are excited to think/hope that we will find buyers who will share this feeling and no doubt improve both the house (plenty of exciting scope there!) and the cottages as they bring their own enthusiasm, experience and skills into the picture.

Who knows, we may well become frequent visitors ourselves if we can afford it! We have always loved our brief personal stays in both Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns, kidding ourselves we were there simply as critical owners.

But, wait,  not so fast… We can’t stay here as disinterested pleasure seekers until we have found new owners! There has already been some serious interest but if any of you does know someone who might be excited by the thought of a move to a lovely Peak Park setting/exciting lifestyle change do please pass on the news.

If you would like to see a brochure for yourselves and pass it on to anyone who might be interested, do click on the John German link. You can download and print the pdf, or if you’d prefer the full glossy McCoy ask them to send you one, or if you prefer, ask us and we can send a copy on to you.

Meanwhile life goes on, more or less – on the surface at least – as normal. The grass still needs cutting, bookings still come in and I’ve just realised at this rate our stock of Orchard Farm marmalade may need replenishing before January…



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