// Why Tom?

The previous owner of Orchard Farm was Tom, a well liked village character, but probably not the best farmer in the world and certainly a complete stranger to soap, hammer, paintbrush or any thought or experience of home improvements. After years of neglect the house and barns were in an unbelievably awful state.

It took us months just simply getting the house and outbuildings reasonably habitable, before we were able to start on the rather more exciting and certainly very rewarding transformation process. Needless to say this is ongoing.

Meanwhile, it was at least twenty years before people stopped referring to Orchard Farm as ‘Tom’s place’, hence Tom’s Barn. We now have a grandson, Tom, who at five – and living in Sydney NSW – assumes his role to be that of absentee landlord.

When he can read and write fluently we may look forward to some comments (we won’t yet accept any instructions!) on our Blog.

Meanwhile, he seems quite happy at present with the way we are running things for him.