// Why Douglas?

Why Africa?

Marion’s father Douglas, whom many of our ‘older’ guests will remember, used to live here, in Douglas’s Barn before it was re-converted into the holiday cottage for two we have now.

He and Boots the cat came up from south Devon where he and my mother had retired, to live beside us (not ‘with’ us as he was careful to point out) in 1999, at the age of ninety.  Still vigorous at that age, he loved walking and still at 91 happily walked either to or from the Olde Gate in Brassington.

He loved walking and he loved talking, above all he was a great ‘people person’ and loved nothing better than the chance to enjoy the company of our guests in Tom’s Barn, and more often than not a leisurely  sundowner outside their cottages in the evening.

From a Lowland Scots family, he actually grew up near Lichfield, used to holiday in the Peak District (his favourite place of all was Dovedale) and spent all his working life in Africa, where Marion grew up…

Hence the Derbyshire/African mix with Scottish underlay.