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Where is our water?

Severn Trent are not our favourite people at the moment. I very much doubt that anyone from Severn Trent will ever see this moan but it does one good to get it off the chest.

It turns out that some parts of the village (but not us) were warned that their water supply might be disrupted between 9 and 5 today Saturday. Without warning the Orchard Farm supply and that of numerous other houses in the village dried up completely shortly after 1pm and there is still not a drop in the taps now, at after midnight.

Everyone who rings appears (see our Parwich blog to get a different story if they can get through to Severn Trent at all. Meanwhile, cups of tea made with fizzy mineral water, veggies cooked in the same, no washing up possible, buckets of water scooped up from the garden troughs to flush the loos…this is not what our guests have paid good money for and we feel very annoyed on both their and our own behalf. We also have friends staying for the night. At first they thought it was funny.

Both lots of guests went out all morning, came back early afternoon no doubt lured on by the thought of a lovely relaxing bath or shower. Twelve hours later they can’t think it is very funny either.


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  1. The water came on eventually between midnight and 12.30 (actually 1.30) am. Severn Trent rang, twice, this morning to check we were OK. They will have had a busy morning with their ‘courtesy calls’ (and these will only be to people who rang – no doubt there were many more who just suffered in silence). Apparently there was a burst in a field at the bottom of the village

    Posted by Marion F-S | March 28, 2010, 5:58 pm

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