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Visitrac: What could we have improved?

Is there anything that we could have done to make your stay more enjoyable? (Again, completely unedited)

  • nope..it was just about as perfect as you can get for holidays of this nature unless the proprietors can exert some control over the weather …:)))
  • 1. An indoor recycling bin, to keep recycling separate before taking it out
  • 2. A foldaway suitcase stand to put the suitcase on
  • a few minor problems
  • a) a degree in Mech eng is need to understand the washing machine no matter how hard we tried it just washed on and on for nearly 3 hrs and then went on drying for even more.
  • b) definatley a dripping tap in the cuboard next to bathroom, can hear it really loud in the early hours drove us a bit potty.
  • c)we always find it a bit disappointing to be told not to arrive before 4pm and then leave before 10am. We thing in any B & B or SC leave by 11am arrive after 2 pm is more appropriate. These times eem to have become more and more unreasonable over the years in many eatabishments, we really do think that it is a major problem.
  • A tiny thing and probably not actionable – I love a strong hot shower in the morning but the barn just cannotprovide that due to head room. Tha bath was amazing though – and I can live without a power shower for a week!
  • All needs and wants were anticipated and expectations were exceeded!
  • better weather!!
  • Flat screen tv in bedroom
  • No
  • No – everything was perfect!
  • no – thank you.
  • No it was perfect
  • No it was super.
  • No!
  • No, it was perfect!
  • No.
  • -it would be nice to have the ?glass topped table back by the settee (Douglas)-nowhere for cups otherwise.
  • -I’d like one sharp knife-maybe the carver-could mark box as ‘caution, sharp knife’(That’s the sort of silly thing
  • that’s done today, in case people don’t realise that knives cut!) This is very much a pesonal foible- I’m derided at home for obsessional sharpening, following which we all cut ourselves. This is not, however, a complaint, nor even a criticism!
  • Not a thing overall. Improve the weather and we could have made use of barbeque and sat outside in the garden a little more.
  • nothing
  • Nothing at all
  • Nothing, it was great!
  • o
  • Only real problem was the bath. Shower screen blocked from opening outwards, making it extremely difficult to reach the tap at the far end. Felt it was a health and safety issue – overstretching (I’m 5’6″ with reasonably long arms)to turn tap on/off and especially when reaching over a bath full of hot water. Alternative was to run it full of warm water then get it and add more hot, not ideal but this also posed a problem as the water comes into the bath from the side which means that if it’s hot you have to stand/kneel away from the flow to avoid hot water running directly onto your thigh/hip area. Would have been far better to be able to access the tap more easily and have the water coming in from the far end instead of the side.
  • Only slight niggle was that the sitting area had a slight smell of dog when we arrived but this passed after the first day or so (I’d recommend non-pet owners to book Douglas’ barn, which we would do if we returned).
  • Organise better weather!
  • Our little garden could have benefited from a little more maintenance, but that is only a very small niggle. The barbecue was very welcome.
  • Our stay was perfect
  • Our stay was so enjoyable there was everything you could wish for in Tom’s Barn, even things for a rainy day
  • Provided a thermos flask to take on walks.
  • Bathroom sink plug not raising enough to allow for sink to drain.
  • Slightly more comfortable bed
  • The central heating was quite noisy starting up early in the morning. Not a huge problem but if we were there for more than 3 nights probably would have asked for it to be reset to come on later.
  • The only complaint I could make is about the dirt coming out of the bath.
  • The only thing we would have changed was the mattress on the bed – it was a pretty uncomfortable. We run our own B&B and have Pocket Spring and Vi-Spring mattresses and these are much better and have a life-time guarantee
  • The shower pressure was very low
  • There was some problem with wasps. Some better form of control might have been desirable.
  • We genuinely cannot think of anything!
  • We had a problem with the water running too slowly out of the bath when we had showers.
  • We think you have the balance just right.
  • We were lucky to have good weather when we stayed at Douglas’s Barn and found the duvet too warm and rather heavy. Maybe a lower tog quilt or a top sheet for visitors to use in the summer months if they so wished.


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