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Visitrac Online Survey: the less useful aspects

There have been frustrations.

  1. We did not design the wording or the questions.
  2. The questions allow for a response but without an explanation for the comment.
  3. There were some reponses based on a complete misconception and I don’t deny that can make one feel quite unreasonably upset! For example one person complains, one senses bitterly, that:
  • They had been informed they could not arrive until after 4 pm and had to leave before 10am
  • It should be possible to clean a cottage in three hours, between 11am and 2pm

By way of an explanation, after each visit, however clean the barns are left – and they a usually are – each one is given a completely thorough spring clean, from top to bottom.

This can easily take five hours, and and on one bad occasion three of us had to set to (that one took a total of ten hours between us).


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