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Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns: January Bargains!

...£295 for a midweek break next week...

Our faithful robin

The robin is entirely out of contact but I just couldn’t resist popping him in.

What with trying to get our tax done before the crucial Jan 31 HMRC deadline whilst making loads of marmalade I have rather lost sight of the fact that we have the Monday 23 to Friday 27 midweek break next week still free in both Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns.

That was careless; so in the hopes of making up for lost time we are offering the midweek break in either barn for £295. For what you would be getting that is extremely good value.

If two lots of friends or two generations of a family wanted to book at the same time  to come  ’together but apart’ the total price would be £560. A number of our guests have found this an ideal arrangement: you have all of the fun of sharing meals, walks and outings and yet all the pleasure of being on your own when you want to be, with none of the inconvenience and loss of privacy of actually sharing a house.

So! Whether couple on your own or two together, first come first served! Give us a ring, or email. If we haven’t done our tax returns off  by Monday I may possibly appear somewhat jaded but nevertheless possibly all the more delighted to welcome you, and we can guarantee a fresh pot of newly made Seville Orange marmalade!

Maybe even a larger pot than usual if the tax is done…


One comment for “Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns: January Bargains!”

  1. This opportunity has past. The next time an opportunity for two lots of friends/family to travel together but separately might arise is the weekend of Friday March 9-Monday March 12 which is free in both barns at the moment (could change at any moment…).

    Posted by Marion F-S | January 24, 2012, 8:39 pm

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