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Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns using Facebook

So much has been happening the last few days although following our blog you might wonder as I appear to have been rendered temporarily silent. Not for long…

As well as everything else, Facebook has been on my mind this week. The straightforward news is that the 19 Peak District holiday cottage owners who like us have been lucky enough to be accepted into the Premier Cottages cooperative of  5 and top end 4 Star private cottage owners have started a Peak District Premier Cottages Facebook page.

We don’t really know what direction it will take but one imagines it will become a meeting place for owners to share news and views with each other and their guests and interested friends; it would be a good place to tell everyone about interesting events in the area, and possibly to find out what people think about certain topics.

Who knows? We haven’t any grand plan, although we do know that our first priority is to get a proper title ‘Peak District Premier Cottages‘ as our url rather than the mile long code we have at present. Apparently we can achieve this when 25 + people have ‘liked’ the site. So – if you are a Facebook user – do have a look at the site and if you can in all honesty click that ‘like’ button and even possibly suggest how you could find it entertaining or useful (or not!) that would be fantastic.

Now the confident tone begins to falter. The ‘we’ I have been using above is as a Peak District Premier Cottage owner and ‘administrator’ of our page. As an owner of Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns the ‘we’ speaking is very shaky (and John is even shakier, if that’s possible).

I have a personal Facebook Marion Sessions profile which I use from time to time, badly but enjoyably – you are very welcome to have a look.  Years ago, in the days when on Facebook you couldn’t have a ‘business’ page Nick set up a Tom’s Barn page like a personal page which being extremely law abiding I felt uneasy about so have on the whole conveniently forgotten about, but it does still exist.

Then daughter Ruthie, set up a Holiday Cottages in the Peak District ‘group’ from her profile, with her, Nick and me as administrators; instead of friends we have members so in effect it is like a fan club rather than a business…

These days you now can (see above!) set up a Facebook ‘business’ page which if possible I need to be able to convert the two previous pages into. Can anybody help? Please! We had Caron – a Social Media guru of some repute – staying in Douglas’s Barn last weekend so I shall direct her to this cry for help too.


5 comments for “Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns using Facebook”

  1. Nice post Marion. Claiming a memorable vanity URL is a smart move. The next move is to do some mopping up. Sadly you can’t take members with you from existing groups, pages or profiles. You need to schedule a shut down of these peripheral assets with a series of announcements thanking folk for joining, signpost them to this blog post and invite them to ‘like’ the new improved active and regularly updating Peak District Premier Cottages page. On the closure date post a final notice announcing the group, page or profile will disappear in 7 days. Remain true to your word and delete them. During this process you might like to run a competition on the NEW page as an incentive to ‘like’ your collective presence.

    People have profiles
    Business’s have pages
    Projects/activities have groups

    Most importantly all roads should lead folk ultimately to your own websites so with a collective page such as this everyone wants the road to lead to their digital front door. Be clear about its expected outcomes and purpose.

    Hope this helps. I am not a Facebook expert by any means but I have passed this out to my network and I hope they will add their opinions.

    PS. Douglas’s Barn is amazing :)

    Posted by Caron Lyon | February 18, 2011, 11:27 pm
    • Caron, thank you so much, for your speedy and very helpful response to my plea for help (and by the way, delighted you liked Douglas’s Barn!). I wish I’d known three years ago about the three categories, if indeed they were so clear then at all….

      Ideally what I’d want to do is direct the fans, friends and members to our own new Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns’ page and from thence to the Peak District Premier Cottages page (what a performance!) rather than the other way round.

      Thank you so much for passing on our plea to your colleagues – social networking at its best! We are looking forward so much to seeing you again when you come to pass on some of your expertise to the Peak District Premier Cottages group on 1st March. Lucky us!

      Posted by Marion F-S | February 19, 2011, 10:21 am
  2. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Caron (CJ) Lyon and Caron (CJ) Lyon, Marion F-Sessions. Marion F-Sessions said: @pcmcreative Caron, please, I need you and your social networking expertise! See our blog plea re Facebook confusion http://bit.ly/fNHDWM [...]

    Posted by Tweets that mention Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns using Facebook -- Topsy.com | February 18, 2011, 11:29 pm
  3. Followed Caron’s Tweet here :)

    Group -> Page – Currently you can’t do anything. The help page is http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=904#!/help/?faq=12811

    It’s been an issue since they introduced Pages. I had to start fresh with a group/page I admin.

    As for Merging 2 accounts – the help page – http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=13589&ref_query=combining+p

    Again a basic feature that Facebook lacks. I don’t really rate FB to be honest, it has very little flexibility with this sort of thing.

    Posted by Jayne | February 19, 2011, 1:04 am
  4. Jayne, thank you! I shall look up the help page.

    I also feel quite reassured that you and others have had the same problem and that I haven’t been totally stupid!

    As for Facebook, we are more or less committed to it with our growing local network of Premier Cottages 4 and 5 star cottage owners here in the Peak District but for communicating with our own guests past present and future I’d far prefer to use our website and blog…

    Posted by Marion F-S | February 19, 2011, 10:33 am

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