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Behind the Scenes

Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s Barn video

The short video clip is now live!

As you will see, it is short. You can’t hope to say everything in about two minutes, but what we hope is that it will add another dimension to the images and text on the website and brochure, and the comments from our guests.

It was shot on a fairly typical leafless November day; fortunately on this day it was sunny and actually quite warm but of course there is no evidence of all the vibrant summer colours.

However, as both Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns are practically just as busy during the winter as the summer (the appeal of bracing walks and home to a soothing bath and cosy warm evening by the fire) it is probably no bad thing to show it in the winter, but we hope to be able to add some more colourful hot weather shots next year because there is no denying it is just absolutely lovely here then, too.

The clip is by no means comprehensive (see above) but the intention always was simply to convey a mere hint of the flavour. We’ll be interested to know whether everyone will think we have succeeded. Please let us know. We won’t at this stage be able to do anything about it, but we’ll learn for next time!


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