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The Snow Keeps Falling

Contingency Plans if it never stops...


The snow has fallen steadily all day – not violently but determinedly. Our guests seem to be really enjoying it, but needed reassuring about Friday if the fall continues; no doubt future guests will be wondering too…

In spite of all the bad weather last winter it never happened that guests when the time came couldn’t get here or leave, but there might always be a first time and we have given it some thought.

1. If on Friday the conditions are so bad Parwich is cut off, there is no decision to be made so in a way it is simple:

Firstly we give our incoming guests good warning of the situation and tell them not to set out and let our current guests know that they can stay on for the time being, until conditions improve. We will make sure we all have enough food and drink, if necessary pooling resources so we all live well!

2. If on Friday things are difficult up here but OK once the main village roads are reached, our lovely next door neighbour has offered to help with his tractor to tow our present guests to the  gritted roads in the village.

We will warn our incoming guests to leave their cars at the bottom of the hill and we will help them up with their luggage.

3. If the situation arises that our current guests are really unable to leave but the incoming ones are able to reach Parwich,  our outgoing guests will have to move out of their barns and into our house;  we will entertain  them here in Orchard Farm, as personal guests, until they are able to leave. Be warned, it is not 5 star next door and everybody will have to muck in but we do have lots of room and it is friendly, warm and hospitable!

By the way, John took these pictures tonight;  in case you were wondering, it may have been snowing but it hasn’t been dark all day.


4 comments for “The Snow Keeps Falling”

  1. We’re visiting on Monday the 13th and are anxious about not being able to get there travelling from manchester! Fingers crossed it’s clear by then and seems ur doing all you possibly can to avoid disappointment! So many thanx

    Posted by samantha and james | December 1, 2010, 12:09 am
    • Samantha and James
      Our fingers are tightly crossed too. Keep in touch, and we’re hoping things will get back to normal pretty quickly.
      Look forward to welcoming you both on the 13th, assuming we don’t have to come back from London on our neighbour’s tractor in which case you might get here first!

      Posted by Marion F-S | December 1, 2010, 3:35 pm
  2. Hi folks, what about contigency plans for you to get to London on the 8th? Could you take the tractor the whole way?

    Posted by Nick Sessions | December 1, 2010, 3:16 pm
    • We’ll have to have a word with John and Philip K – a tractor ride down the M1 would be quite an adventure – we’d need to be setting off quite soon.
      How are things in London? Not quite so wintery as here I imagine but it was a good thing you all got back when you did on Sunday afternoon.
      There’ll be some more, even snowier pictures to look at soon – it’s at least 18″ deep now.

      Posted by Marion F-S | December 1, 2010, 3:39 pm

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