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What To Do Whatever the Weather

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Leg and Weather update

The weather is grey, cold and this evening threatening to hail. But all is not lost: the clumps of snowdrops in front of the house are out, and our daffodil stalks shooting up daily. Leg-wise, things are improving even more dramatically. The bright blue ‘Scotch-cast’ is off, the crutches (almost) hurled away and I am [...]

If you are wondering about the weather…

Here are some useful websites for guests who are due to visit in the next few days and who may be feeling anxious about the weather and conditions on the roads: Keep an eye on our website and don’t hesitate to ring for latest conditions Look on the Parwich website for pretty up to date [...]

Latest weather and leg update

The snow and freezing temperatures have lasted nearly a month now.  Jolly jaunts into Ashbourne or carefree walks to local pubs are distant memories, trapped as we are by the external conditions and my being ‘legless’. Not so trapped that we haven’t enjoyed two lovely evenings recently with local friends… Our guests are coping far [...]

Latest weather report

The cold weather continues, the snow covers the surrounding hills and valleys and Parwich sparkles in the bright sunlight (at least it has been all day). We haven’t had any fresh snow today; people have been getting into Ashbourne via the Alsop road which we are told is perfectly OK if you take it slowly. [...]

Cold weather accommodation

We can provide suitable accommodation despite the cold weather

Weather Report and latest Health Bulletin

It has snowed, heavily, all day in Parwich, to the delight of anyone on holiday or under the age when road-conditions-neurosis hits in. The whole village is white and wonderful and the Parwich young were sledging until past nightfall on the hill opposite. See Wintery Fun in the Gallery for some local photos. Meanwhile, those [...]

Two-Times-Ten (plus one) Top Tips

How to enjoy a carbon-free, stress-free holiday in our two holiday cottages with everything you need to hand. All in all, the outlook is pretty good – the list is growing all the time – there are 20+ top tips and no doubt more will spring to mind as we set our sights greenward. You [...]

Win Friends and Beat the Credit Crunch

As usual all bookings for 2010 (or even beyond) made in the current year are at the current (2009) prices. So, if you have been before you benefit doubly – 5% off this year’s price for a booking for a week (or more) next year…! That can’t be bad. So, act quickly… See our How to [...]

Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s Barn video

The short video clip is now live! As you will see, it is short. You can’t hope to say everything in about two minutes, but what we hope is that it will add another dimension to the images and text on the website and brochure, and the comments from our guests. It was shot on [...]

Ten Top Wet Tips: How to Enjoy a Rainy Day in the Peak District:

Having for the last two years been led  to expect a ‘barbecue summer’  we now have to accept that  it may actually rain, a lot, instead. However,  as one of our guests wrote recently “there are few places as lovely to be holed up against the rubbish weather”. And see below a sample of what [...]