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Tom Chambers and Top Hat

- Cultural Extravaganza Part 2 – We were very excited about seeing `Top Hat’, for all sorts of reasons. It is always such a treat going to the theatre anyway; we both love musicals and we are both great longterm fans of Tom Chambers whose plays we watched (and hockey matches) throughout his time at school [...]

More Tom News

…Tom Chambers this time…Just a quickie to let you know the latest news we have about Tom – apart from the fact he and Clare have just had their first baby, which is very exciting. On the acting front he has had another big break with Top Hat, a musical version of the movie starring [...]

Parwich Update

Just a few snippets to update you on Parwich news.  Everywhere is looking very lush and green after the rain, and a large tree has fallen across our back lane, Monsdale Lane it is called officially but our children always used to jokingly call it our back drive when they were younger. I have already [...]

Tom Chambers to star in White Christmas

Tom and Bing Crosby…Just a quickie to give you a link to a news item on the Parwich Blog today about Parwich’s own Tom Chambers who will be appearing in White Christmas, at the end of the year. We may all be biased but we think he is very good indeed and in time will [...]

Strictly Come Dancing then, now Waterloo Road

Tom Chambers ‘Our’ Tom Chambers has now transformed into the new headmaster of that gripping – to some – school drama about the ultimate nightmare school which anybody who has ever been a teacher feels glad they’re not part of: John absolutely loves it! After the first few episodes it seems clear that there are [...]