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Facing up to Facebook

…Social Media Pressures…I am rather proud of the fact that despite advancing years and general lack of ‘coolness’ we have been on Facebook for over three years. What isn’t quite so impressive is that in those 3 plus years I have done very, very little and have tended only to respond to others rather than [...]

Tom’s Barn Blog – Spare Our Blushes!

There I was early this morning at Derby’s Pride Park stadium overlooking the football pitch, all ears, concentrating intently. No, I wasn’t watching a football match although one day I perhaps should; rather, I was hoping fervently to pick up some tips from Liam Lally, today’s E-Business club trainer at their Breakfast Briefing for today, [...]

Keeping Up With Technology

—Social Media for the Rurally Deprived— We have been so lucky in the Peak District in Derbyshire to be able to take advantage of some wonderful and completely free training that is provided for small to medium businesses many of whom operate in very rural areas, bringing employment and money into what are often deprived [...]

Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s Barn Facebook Page

…Help us Help You via Facebook…Ideas, please! What can you suggest for our Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s Barn Facebook page to make it fun, interesting and useful for friends, holiday cottage guests and family? We’re so new, there aren’t too many friends of our site yet to let us know, but hope somebody will! Some [...]

Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns using Facebook

So much has been happening the last few days although following our blog you might wonder as I appear to have been rendered temporarily silent. Not for long… As well as everything else, Facebook has been on my mind this week. The straightforward news is that the 19 Peak District holiday cottage owners who like [...]

21st Century Web Technology Advances for Orchard Farm

Lots of good IT news…Hardly a day passes without our realising afresh how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful spot; but we are fortunate too in many less obvious ways. There is a lot of support available locally for SMEs – small to medium businesses – and the tourism industry too, in [...]

Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s Barn video

The short video clip is now live! As you will see, it is short. You can’t hope to say everything in about two minutes, but what we hope is that it will add another dimension to the images and text on the website and brochure, and the comments from our guests. It was shot on [...]


These days the possibilities for publicity both good and – but we hope not – bad, are enormous. Our son Nick helped us set up a Facebook site Tom’s Barn Facebook about a year ago and to be honest, we rather forgot about it after that only to discover to our surprise that we now [...]


We were talking to a colleague the other day; he mentioned Twitter, and before we knew where we were, he had registered us as tomsbarn and Marion F-Sessions as the luxury holiday cottage owner! Our first attempt to start ‘twittering’ was ruined by a violent thunderstorm which lead to a five-hour long power cut, so [...]