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August Green Log

18 Aug: Reassuringly undramatic progress – the pile of sweet smelling debris is growing, slowly, and all being well will start digesting itself! 14 Aug: We and our guests have managed to muster some more left overs, including meat and fish and well-boiled up (for stock) chicken bones. Nothing dramatic seems to be happening down [...]

September Green Log

26 Sept: Water butts all installed – still not a drop of rain yet to test them out but we can’t imagine this is a long term worry. 24 Sept: Shaun, our lovely Parwich builder, is coming on Saturday to install several water butts which will make watering all our pots easier. Since we ordered [...]

October Green Log

24 Oct: Our guests and we appear rapidly to be filling the pit; we are obviously putting stuff in faster than it can degrade. Perhaps we are going to need another. We won’t tell Nick just yet! 17 Oct: Chicken bones, herring skin and bones…we keep waiting for it to start smelling but – so [...]

Down With Rules and Regs!

Please note, we are keen to be responsible citizens and do our bit, green or otherwise, but only where it is practical (or indeed a legal obligation). We – as a nation – are constantly being harrassed, lectured and exhorted to do this, not do that; we are keenly aware that you come to our [...]

Our Journey Greenwards

At the moment we are on a ‘green’ splurge. We have bought some rather attractive compost crocks to use indoors and have replaced the normal kettles with ‘Eco-kettles’ . We have put in each barn a slow-cooker so that our guests can come home to some hot soup or stews or even rice pudding on [...]