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The Blue Tits have left home

Orchard Farm Nesting Box to LetWe don’t know whether we have occasion to be rejoicing or commiserating, I do hope the former. There has been no sign of parent blue tits or offspring for two days. Does anyone know, do the young ones literally just fly the nest, followed by the parents? Or is this [...]

A magpie and a hot air balloon over Orchard Farm

No news as yet on the baby blue tit front but there is a lot of flying in and out of the parents; the dove that the crow attacked is still about but if she has chosen anther nest it is certainly better hidden than the one in the haybarn. All the other birds are [...]

Self-Catering Accommodation at Orchard Farm for Blue Tits

Just outside our kitchen window, nailed to a tree, is a nesting box given to us two or three years ago by Debbie – ‘American Deb’ who many of you may have met or at least corresponded with in the past, when she has taken over the reigns while we went away. For several years [...]

A Guest Comments on our Blog

(By way of explanation, Derek and Jenny stayed here last year and are returning again soon. While they were staying here they met our then vicar, Christopher Harrison, and one lazy warm evening last year the five of us shared a glass or two of wine sitting outside Tom’s Barn. You can get an idea [...]

What a Week!

It was cheerful but exhausting. At least we weren’t actually doing the decorating but there was a lot of moving stuff out, moving stuff back, cleaning, sorting, replacing… Janet and Carol did a fantastic job, coming in quite voluntarily two (extra) evenings to make sure they got everything done in time for our next guests [...]

Green Inspection: How Green Are We?

I always remember my sister retorting to a perceived put down ‘You know, I’m not as cabbage-looking as I’m green!’. We’ll, I don’t know about cabbage looking but let’s hope the Inspector for the Green Tourism in Business thinks we’re at least a bit greenish. As you know, we don’t want to become green bores [...]

How Green are We? 2009 Inspection

We were daily awaiting our ‘green’ inspection all summer; in fact the Green Business in Tourism inspectors were very keen to come the same day as the QiT inspector was scheduled to come. We thought that too much of a good thing, certainly for us and even more certainly for our poor guests who were [...]

Two-Times-Ten (plus one) Top Tips

How to enjoy a carbon-free, stress-free holiday in our two holiday cottages with everything you need to hand. All in all, the outlook is pretty good – the list is growing all the time – there are 20+ top tips and no doubt more will spring to mind as we set our sights greenward. You [...]

November Green Log

28/11/09:  The November entries are going to be  rather slim… Meanwhile, the pile of waste food in the cone is growing rapidly, but still sweet smelling. We have resisted the temptation to explore underneath the surface. I do hope something is actually happening, though. Meanwhile, with all this rain – nothing like the dreadful floods [...]

July Green Log

28 July: Well, we are all set up but have nothing to go into the hole yet apart from a shoulder of lamb bone; I made all the vegetable left overs and gravy into soup! Have to do better than this if we are going to become competent green cone users. We will have to [...]