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Five Star Squared After Two Annual Inspections in One Year?

We were slightly surprised, if not dismayed, to return from our latest London jaunt to a telephone call suggesting our next inspection date might be five days hence (last Friday). We had our last annual inspection in February this year. With Christmas cards, work on the website, not to mention actual Christmas preparations all looming, [...]

Five Stars and a Gold Award for Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns

Here is the evidence! A little piece of card, written in biro, which gives us the opportunity for a little bit of relieved trumpet blowing, or sharing of good news. We had our annual Visit England Quality in Tourism (QiT) Inspection yesterday. One never likes to be too confident but quietly we were reasonably sure [...]

Visit Britain’s Gold Award for Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns

Another busy few days for us here since our inspection, including a flying visit to Dorset to help some  very  good friends celebrate a special birthday. Colouring everything has been all the drama of the election and subsequent speculation  and tension surrounding the political future as it unfolded. It has been like living in a [...]

As we approach 2010…

We have two quite exciting technological developments to tell you about. The first is that we now have been able to seriously boost the strength of our wireless internet connection. For a long time we have offered wireless internet access in both barns; at first only a minority of guests seemed to use it but [...]

QiT (Quality in Tourism) Inspection 2009

We had our annual QiT inspection in June this year. Both barns had guests in them which can’t make it easy for the inspector but we are assured they are thoroughly experienced and trained in being able to tell what is old and what is recently lived in as far as cleanliness is concerned. Anyway, [...]

A Gold Award for Douglas's Barn!!

Out of the blue, we heard the news from Enjoy England a few months ago. The award is for ‘exceptional quality of accommodation and customer service!’ Meanwhile, see our How to Book page if you would like to check this out for yourself.

Book Online!

You can now book and pay online. Click on the relevant Vacancy Calendar or go straight to the How to Book Page.

Five Stars again, for 2009-2010

We had our annual (except it was only ten or so months since the last one) Visit Britain Quality Assurance Scheme inspection on Thursday June 4. It was conducted by a new to us inspector who was very pleasant, very thorough we felt, and very fair. So we were somewhat surprised to discover, in spite [...]

Enjoy England Gold Award for Douglas's Barn!

Earlier this year we received the news of this award. Apparently the award is for exceptional quality of accommodation and customer service made to all Five Star holiday cottages that achieve 91% or over in their overall Quality in Tourism inspection score. We had no idea, so the whole thing came right out of the [...]

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Douglas’s Barn receives Gold Award for ‘Exceptional quality of accommodation and customer service’.