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Some Beautiful Tom’s Barn Guests

We could well be talking about our human guests but actually now it is dogs we have in mind. We do get some really beautiful dogs, and most of them not only lovely to look at but very well behaved and with manners to match. It makes it a real pleasure welcoming dogs, which only [...]

Tom’s Barn Dog Parade

We have had our ‘annual’ (last one was in June 2010) inspection today. It is always a tense moment. There is quite a lot of work beforehand making sure the paperwork is up to date and that one has done everything one was meant to do after the previous inspection. There is also that underlying [...]

Interesting Facts & Figures or Useless Stats

- Looking back over the past year – It is traditional at the start of a new year to look back over the past one, so for those that like such things, here are some stats for 2010, with due credit to SuperControl which has supplied most of them… Occupancy: Tom’s Barn 98%; Douglas’s Barn [...]

Orchard Farm update

You might imagine from the long silence that John and I had embarked on another little series of holiday jaunts, possibly to sunnier climes, but no such luck. We have been firmly and happily rooted here, but very busily so. Two more village funerals, one of which was for poor Janet’s father, who has not [...]

Autumn at Orchard Farm

All around us the leaves are just beginning to turn and everywhere is looking very beautiful. John took this photo this morning and I couldn’t resist sharing it here although it does look better on the big screen and even better in real life! We’ve picked the last of our damsons, are doing our best [...]

Peak Park Perfect

Another view of Tom’s & Douglas’s BarnsWhen Simon Tyler of Highlight Media produced our main video a month or so ago, we really wanted to give everyone a flavour of both our barns and their setting, so everyone could have an idea of what they ere coming to in the widest sense. We ended up [...]

Friendly Parwich – International Hotspot?

We had a very good friend here for the day last week, Meg, who although English by birth has lived in the States for most of her life, with an American husband and  three American children. She had escaped the stifling heat of Washington DC for a brief nostalgic visit to her homeland, visiting family [...]

Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns New Video

Our new video has at last been released on the unsuspecting public! Apart from self-conscious squirming on my behalf every time my voice starts we are very pleased with it and hope that you will all like it and find it helpful. Simon Tyler of Highlight Media, helped by his son, Mike,  has worked extremely [...]

Our new video: Instalment three

The actual filmingI started writing this while Simon was filming our study for the new video. He felt it important that viewers should see the Orchard Farm nerve centre, so to speak. Whether it will survive the cutting/censorship stage remains to be seen. All we are hoping for is an entertaining and informative few minutes [...]

The Blue Tits have left home

Orchard Farm Nesting Box to LetWe don’t know whether we have occasion to be rejoicing or commiserating, I do hope the former. There has been no sign of parent blue tits or offspring for two days. Does anyone know, do the young ones literally just fly the nest, followed by the parents? Or is this [...]