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Sharing Secret and Other Domestic Tips and Delights

...Do you know how to fold a fitted sheet?...

A disclaimer, just in case anyone thinks I have suddenly grown my hair, affected an American accent and become a wonder housewife overnight: the heroine of this secret-revealing video is not me!

Having got that clear, here are one or two little snippets which are probably more momentous this side of the fence than yours…

The first ‘secret’, to fulfil several recent requests – and in fact this might be the best one of all – is to give you the link to our Fake Bakewell Tart recipe, which we are asked for so very very often.

Perhaps we ought to have a video of this wonder housewife/cook making the recipe? (I think not, probably!)

And now for an eBay delight, about dinner plates, no less… It can’t have escaped recent Tom’s Barn guests that there were only 5 dinner plates on the rack, six or more of everything else. Ever since the sixth and last of our supply was withdrawn from active service we have tried, absolutely in vain, to ‘source’ as they say these days, some Wedgwood Garden Maze replacements, even going to the Wedgwood factory shop in Stoke. I scoured sites that stock odd plates, and kept checking on eBay, where one could find everything possible from soup tureens to serving platters but neery a dinner plate.

Last night our daughter Ruthie rang to say she had successfully bid for SIX on eBay!! Can you believe it? So that is one problem off the list. The alternative would have to have been replacing everything. (Five Stars – everything in a set must be matching…).

The next ongoing ‘issue’ has been a debilitating and permanent difficulty we have all shared in the Orchard Farm laundry department over folding fitted sheets so they’re fit to grace a Tom’s or Douglas’s Barn bed which for a Five Star listing has to have immaculately laundered bedlinen.

Imagine my delight, then, to discover on Pinterest this YouTube video showing one how simple it really should be.

Source: thehairpin.com via Ashley on Pinterest



2 comments for “Sharing Secret and Other Domestic Tips and Delights”

  1. Just love your blogs and feel thoroughly enlightened now. Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

    Posted by Rosie Hadden | September 20, 2012, 11:47 am
    • Rosie, how lovely! So glad you love the blogs – I really enjoy writing them, I always feel as if I am simply writing to a friend so often the news isn’t exactly earth-shattering…glad you feel enlightened (presumably about the solution to the fitted sheet nightmare!).
      It is great to get a comment on the post; on the whole people seem nervous of committing themselves by commenting in public, but the number of times someone will ring up or email about the blog saying how much they enjoy reading it is very heartening.
      What a pity you don’t live nearer but if you want to chat via email/Facebook about starting (continuing?) a blog I will happily help as much as I can, if I can at all.
      Are you on Pinterest yet?

      Posted by Marion F-S | September 22, 2012, 6:59 pm

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