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Our Photo Gallery has a slowly increasing collection of all our images and some of yours.  Please see individual blog posts for images and commentary…

Dogs are very welcome in Tom's Barn

Boots and friends (mainly our guests' dogs)

36 Photos

A wedding at Orchard Farm nearly a century ago

A Wedding at Orchard Farm somewhere between1900 and 1920

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Orchard Farm - how it was

When we bought Orchard Farm in 1983 it was in a very bad state, as you can see (but not smell, fortunately!)

11 Photos

Orchard Farm now

Tom's Barn and Douglas's Barn, Orchard Farm, Parwich

12 Photos

Your Photos

Photos sent in by our guests - please keep sending them in

25 Photos

Wintery Fun

Mainly Orchard Farm and Parwich during the winters of 2009 -2013

90 Photos

BIRDS: including many swallows

Birds seen in our garden and round about Parwich- swallows, doves, curlews etc

73 Photos

BIRDS: Orchard Farm Blue tits 2010, '11, '12  and now '13

A pair of blue tits nested in our box under the plum tree

25 Photos

Katie and Dan's pictures

These have been moved to the Your Photos Gallery

Here and there, mainly Parwich and nearby

Miscellaneous including views, mainly personal

31 Photos

Orchard Farm Garden: FLOWERS (mostly in our garden!)

Flowers, taken mainly in the garden at Orchard Farm but occasionally elsewhere in the village

93 Photos

Orchard Farm garden: GARDEN CREATURES

Butterflies, bees, squirrels etc

9 Photos

Tom's and Douglas's Barns

A medley of views - inside and out - of Tom's and Douglas's Barns

52 Photos

Prizes, awards etc

Prizes, awards etc for our guests or for Tom's and Douglas's Barns

2 Photos

Snow November/December 2010

A long and snowy winter

Carsington Water

Views and things to do

13 Photos

Orchard Farm Garden: BIRDS and FLOWERS  March 13 2011

Photos taken during a short stroll round the garden on Sunday 13th March

19 Photos

Haddon Hall

Photos of Haddon Hall taken Thursday 24th March. The latest version of Jane Eyre was filmed here last winter.

32 Photos

Buxton; Visit Peak District & Derbyshire AGM 2011

Views of Buxton and the Annual Visit Peak District & Derbyshire Tourism Fair March 2011

8 Photos

Parwich: Events and Fun

Life in Parwich, buildings, people and events

13 Photos

Orchard Farm Garden: BIRDS and FLOWERS April 8 2011

Some random shots taken by John on Friday 8th April, a beautiful spring day.

18 Photos

BIRDS: A heron spotted at the London Wetlands site

The Fish that Didn't Get Away

22 Photos

Honeymoons in Tom's & Douglas's Barns

A few happy memories from Tom's and Douglas's Barns (We've only just started this gallery, so it will take a time to fill up!)

4 Photos

Tom Grahame Trust Concert and weekend

A concert in aid of the Tom Grahame Trust, which was set up to build a playground in the memory of Tommy Grahame who died aged six

9 Photos

Tom's and Douglas's Barns: A Birds-Eye View

Photos taken by Jeremy Brough, JF-S and Mark Nunnerley

8 Photos


3 Photos


1 Photos


September Flowers, Berries and Fruits

28 Photos

Steak & Kidney Pudding

Some pictures to mark the fact this this time it turned out of the bowl beautifully!

3 Photos

The Latest Tom's Barn images Nov 2011

New photos taken by JF-S Friday 11th November 2011

23 Photos

Birds Mainly with John's New Camera

John's first efforts with a new camera trying to capture Orchard Farm blue tits and goldfinches in flight, early January 2012

35 Photos

Birds - Mainly Bullfinches

Bullfinches in the garden at Orchard Farm

5 Photos


9 Photos