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New Kit…

In the last year or so we have made a lot of biggish purchases – the biggest in every sense of the word being the Vi-Spring bed/mattresses in both barns. The two burly delivery men really struggled up the spiral stair case with the custom made extra-wide extra-long Vi-Spring mattress for Douglas’s Barn, which they assured us, rather bitterly, weighed 18 stone.

Tom’s Barn has benefited the most, being the older of our two holiday cottages (it has been going now for nearly ten years). We have recently replaced a lot of equipment and furniture there including the bed, most notably the sofa, fridge, washing machine, flat screen bedroom telly… We have also just bought a brand new Pepe outside table and chairs for the Tom’s Barn garden although we have not yet had the weather to tempt anyone to relax for long outside.

Not yet arrived but ordered from John Lewis is a replacement all singing and all-dancing cooker. The old cooker (replaced in 2006) was still very good, but the Visit Britain inspector last year reckoned it let down the rest of the kitchen; therefore – in spite of all last year’s change and improvements – our score remained at resolutely at 90%, so we felt we didn’t have much option if we are to stand any chance of getting a Gold Award, as has Douglas’s Barn.

We have also introduced some new things in both barns, like the Sony Netbook, slow cookers and kitchen equipment (eco kettles, frying pans etc) and at the beginning of the year had both barns redecorated from top to toe.

The next two projects are to replace or recover the easy chair in Tom’s Barn (only four years old but somewhat faded and discoloured) and the boiler in Douglas’s Barn. After that we hope to sit back for a while, but somehow life tends not to work like that.


2 comments for “New Kit…”

  1. Hello Marion – I must admit that we both slept like babies on the new mattress!!! I’m sure the new garden furniture will get plenty of use in the coming spring & summer. The visit britan people seem hard to please, that cooker grilled the bacon & sausage from Tissington butchers perfectly!!!

    Posted by Ross C | April 10, 2010, 6:26 pm
  2. Ross – we loved seeing you and Anna and are so delighted you both slept so well – good nights may be very rare once the twins are born. We think the cooker’s quite good too but its days are numbered as the new one is on its rather slow way. Let’s hope the repacement one cooks as efficiently as it looks smart! Look forward to seeing you both again when the twins are older enough to be left with their grandparents!

    Posted by Marion F-S | April 11, 2010, 4:38 pm

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