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New Cooker for Tom's Barn

How frustrating!

Having spent most of Friday afternoon trying to get to grips with the brand new and frighteningly modern electric cooker we were all set to announce this latest excitement (and of course answer a dozen or so emails) when our server went down…

All is restored now, and there are now dozens of dozens of emails waiting so do forgive us if your reply is not yet forthcoming and we appear to be asleep – we aren’t!


One comment for “New Cooker for Tom's Barn”

  1. We are reliably told by a recent guest ‘The cooker is a doddle’ to use, and another told us it cooks wonderfully! Both comments may say more about their intelligence/skills as a cook but are a relief to hear, anyway.

    Posted by Marion F-S | May 27, 2010, 6:59 am

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