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It’s not a health and safety ‘ishoo’

We wouldn’t normal accept an email from an ‘anonymous’ Hotmail type address from a member of the public without the author having the courage or confidence to supply their name (which of course we would never publish). You know who we are so it would seem to us  a common courtesy to say who you are.

However, Nathan P who commented on the previous post about the Stepping Stones obviously feels very strongly that I (and the Times and various national dailies, not to forget the Stunner from where we first heard the news) have entirely missed the point.

And maybe we have. But what a luxury it is to live in a country where we can all get heated about by what has happened to some some stepping stones… In some parts of the world we’d have  massacres and destruction on our minds.

Anyway, we did go to Dovedale with our friends  Sheila and Mark on Saturday as promised and I took a snap with my Blackberry so you can perhaps see for yourselves what the stones look like. No doubt they will soon become nicely weathered and we will all have forgotten about the old stones  under the smoothly cemented brand new slabs.

And no doubt by then we’ll have something else to get happily worked up about.


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