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Visitrac: Handling of Complaints: How do we score?

Did you need to complain about anything during your stay?

No       72 96%

Yes       3 4%

What was the nature of your complaint?

A very small one: we had asked for a daily newspaper and did not receive it

Black chunks coming out of the jets in the whirlpool bath.

  • One of these was about a newspaper not being delivered and we were able to intercept the paper man who produced the paper within a short time.
  • One was about ‘black bits coming out of the jets’ in the bath.
  • One was when our plumber kept  cutting off the water supply. We were equally annoyed and inconvenienced so had every sympathy but at the time the guest was understandably unwilling  to accept our apologies although she since has, and has returned for a fortunately plumber-free half-price holiday.

How would you rate the way your complaint was handled?

5/10      1 guest 33%

7/10       1 33%

9/10       1 33%

Average Score = 7.00

(Total no. of questionnaires returned: 75)


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