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Dovedale Stepping Stones – there’ll be a handrail next

…or perhaps a conveyor belt?

We haven’t seen yet with our own eyes, but are taking some friends to walk up from Dovedale at the weekend so will be able to report back.

According to the latest Ashbourne News Telegraph, the ‘Stunner’ as it is known locally, once again Health and Safety has gone mad. The much-loved, uneven, slippery Stepping Stones over the Dove have been ‘levelled and brought up to a consistent height’ by bonding new stone on the top. It is Derbyshire limestone, which appears to make it all right…

It does seem a shame but we’ll refrain from being too quick to judge  until we’ve seen for ourselves. It’s not as if the Stepping Stones are the only way to cross the river:  there is a footbridge across the river earlier on, that cautious souls always use and which everyone has to when the level of water is too high or  too cold to risk a soaking.

Meanwhile, the challenge of crossing the stones has been a source of constant fun and entertainment to all. It may lose some of the drama when we all have to don hard hats and safety harnesses and sign disclaimers before stepping off.


One comment for “Dovedale Stepping Stones – there’ll be a handrail next”

  1. It’s not a health and safety issue, it’s also to try and prevent the stones being worn away completely so that people can still cross them in 100 years time. It seems the National Trust appreciate that the stones are being used and just want to ensure that they can continue to be used for a long time. In fact, Health and Safety is not actually mentioned as a reason for this work by the NT!

    I appreciate that this is an emotive issue and people are very keen to jump to the defence of the stones, but I’m getting fed up with the constant references to “health and safety gone mad”.

    OK, the job could possibly have been done a bit better (maybe even ensuring the tops of the new layers were kept as uneven as possible), but would people rather the stones were washed away completely, preventing anyone from using them ever again?

    (Yes, I appreciate that I’m probably in a minority of 1 with this viewpoint, but I just like to see all possible sides of a story…)

    Posted by Nathan | August 6, 2010, 2:09 pm

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