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A White Christmas for Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns?

- and a new telly for Douglas’s Barn bedroom – It looks highly likely the snow will stay. Both lots of Christmas guests have arrived safely, and managed to get their cars up the final slope. The barns are warm and snug as usual, and feeling very Christmassy especially with the snow outside (although there’s [...]

…Sledges, snow shovels, road salt and mince pies

and a vague weather report as we move towards Christmas…Today we bought two new plastic sledges for the use of our guests and/or rather less excitingly for pulling luggage up to the house if that becomes necessary again. Determined not to be caught out next time round we also purchased a new snow shovel – [...]

Parwich has NO snow!

The snow has pretty well all disappeared! We have been away for a few days for a family wedding in London, and in spite of genuine determination to write posts from the big city itself our time was so happily busy – more of which later – we never got anywhere near a computer. Anyway, [...]

The Sun Keeps Shining over Parwich

…But the snow ain’t meltingThe sun blazes away, day after day, the snow sparkles and the sky is blue but the temperature remains well below zero – one hears of -14′C and even lower at night. The height of the snow is reducing, but almost imperceptibly. Our guests today managed to leave OK with baby [...]

Update on the Weather Front

There is no dramatic news of thaws, or indeed even more snow. The last two days have seen blue skies and apparently warm, bright sunshine but not either warm or bright enough to melt much of the snow although the level is down on its previous highs. I thought the photo of the wallflowers gamely [...]

Snow still everywhere but it isn’t actually snowing

A quite beautiful day today and an action filled one, by any account. (Photos to come, tomorrow.) With an enormous lot of help and generous good will we managed to get two cars off the premises and safely parked at the bottom of the slope, dig out and push both the ‘milk girl’ and her [...]

Weather Notice Board

Useful Information for all Tom’s and Douglas’s Barn GuestsSome of our guests who have booked winter  breaks and are concerned about the weather may find the following links and information helpful: Local weather conditions for BBC reports for Ashbourne – they do a five day visual report and an all-singing/all-dancing one which is worth just [...]

It’s December now, and still snowing

It’s hard to believe, and the sun did try to shine for a while; we just have to hope that things will start improving. John has been out and about, taking masses of photos. Just to cheer you up, have a look at the gallery on our blog. The first lot of snowy pictures disregard [...]

The Snow Keeps Falling

Contingency Plans if it never stops… The snow has fallen steadily all day – not violently but determinedly. Our guests seem to be really enjoying it, but needed reassuring about Friday if the fall continues; no doubt future guests will be wondering too… In spite of all the bad weather last winter it never happened [...]

Tuesday Nov 30 Weather Update

SNOW! That’s almost all one need say. This is serious stuff!  John took these photos yesterday – the blue skies and sunshine have gone today and we have had another several inches of snow.   Everything is white, and quite silent. The postman has delivered letters (on foot) but he must have been able to get [...]