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…For all present, past and future guests and friends of Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns…Easter Sunday has dawned with bright sunshine despite the fact we are an hour ahead of ourselves since yesterday, with British Summer Time. Things have perked up a lot since this time last week, when blizzards were raging and Parwich was cut [...]

Monday 25th March WEATHER REPORT

Conditions are not good at the moment! Parwich is cut off from the rest of the world for the time being. It has stopped snowing but there is no sign of a thaw yet and because of the wind there is a lot of drifting; this means even some of the local main roads get [...]

Ski in Ski Out Douglas’s Barn?

…Not exactly, but you need your snow boots…Last possible chance for a January treat for all you snow lovers out there – this coming weekend Friday 25 to Monday 28 in Douglas’s Barn £275. Having just spent midnight hours toiling over our accounts for our tax return I can reiterate that it would be cheaper [...]

Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns

…in Parwich, this gorgeous summer’s day…Well, we’ve moaned and groaned the last few weeks, about all this rain during an official doubt, the cold and whatever else we saw fit to dredge up, but this is the moment we have all be waiting for… Wonderful warm May sunshine. The flowers in the garden have sprung [...]

Warm Weather Prognosis from Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns

…And The Possible Way to Ensure the Icy Conditions Disappear Permanently…What is the secret? You’ll have to wait and see how effective it turns out to be… The icy conditions persist. We have had no snow recently, and none the night before last in spite of warnings and dire predictions of what was to befall. [...]

Snowy Update from Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns

…And One Happy Tom’s Barn Dog Guest…Just a quick post after a day of snow. Last winter the snow came with a vengeance at the end of November; this year we have had to wait until early February so it seems more exciting – there isn’t that slight niggling worry that it might be going [...]

A Fantastic Midweek Opportunity

for this coming Monday 6 to Friday 10 February 2012….It will be lovely…Think toboggans, walks in the  snow. It is snowing, hard. Douglas’s Barn, warm and welcoming, awaits you, IF you can pass the test… You can’t resist a challenge You can’t resist a bargain You like spur of the moment excitement You have a 4×4 vehicle [...]

Water, Water, Everywhere? Or Just for Elephants?

I was amused to see that the next film to be shown at the Parwich cinema (otherwise known as the Memorial Hall) is ‘Water for Elephants’.  There are not too many elephants round here, and not too much water at the moment either. When did it last rain? It can’t be that long ago, but [...]

Has SprIng Sprung at Orchard Farm?

Probably not, but it certainly felt like it today. We have enjoyed the most perfect spring day, with sunshine, blue skies and warmth… The birds have sung their hearts out including this little robin John snapped in the garden this afternoon. The birds were all singing, the woodpecker tapping and the pheasants screeching; our lanes [...]

Soothing Mists over Hartington

A warm (warmer, it’s all relative) day so hardly any snow or visible ice about on the roads and paths, although in deep puddles there  still can lurk a layer of ice providing a slippery trap for the unwary. John and I and another group of friends went today to Hartington where most of us [...]