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Last Minute Availability Offer

…How quickly can you move for a treat? There’s been a lot going on recently, churning out marmalade, buying lots of new bits and bobs – radio/CD player/iPod dock in Tom’s Barn, electric handmixer in Douglas’s barns, the 2013 guides Good Food, Good Pubs, Good Beers, for both cottages, new ironing board in Tom’s Barn [...]

The Mystery Shopper Challenge

…Have you got what it takes to ‘inspect’ Tom’s Barn?…As you probably know, after we, the ‘Mr and Mrs Mary Portas’ from Orchard Farm, had spent a very happy few days doing our best to identify the slightest failing Douglas’s Barn, we had been planning to focus our relentlessly beady eyes on Tom’s Barn and [...]

Are you free for a special treat this weekend?

…Friday 2nd to Monday 5th November…

Keep Calm and Carry on Eating Cake

…Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns Cherry Bakewell Special…In spite of the fact we get very few people actually commenting on the blog friends, guests and often complete strangers will email us, or tell me on Facebook or at parties how much they actually enjoy reading our blog. They do say they enjoy John’s photos too which [...]

Enjoying the Fun of Facebook

…and hoping to make it work for us at the same time…Half the time I really don’t quite know what I’m doing and certainly not what Facebook is doing when I post a photo and it flies off and then back without so much as a by-your-leave John’s recent dragonfly picture which in fact I [...]

A Fantastic Midweek Opportunity

for this coming Monday 6 to Friday 10 February 2012….It will be lovely…Think toboggans, walks in the  snow. It is snowing, hard. Douglas’s Barn, warm and welcoming, awaits you, IF you can pass the test… You can’t resist a challenge You can’t resist a bargain You like spur of the moment excitement You have a 4×4 vehicle [...]

Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns: January Bargains!

…£295 for a midweek break next week…The robin is entirely out of contact but I just couldn’t resist popping him in. What with trying to get our tax done before the crucial Jan 31 HMRC deadline whilst making loads of marmalade I have rather lost sight of the fact that we have the Monday 23 [...]

A One-Off Tom’s Barn Weekend Break

…How about a Sneaky Pre-Christmas Jolly (and a sermon)…Blogger’s Block is not the problem but lack of time/too much to do has been, hence the long gap for which I am genuine sorry. I do enjoy doing the blog and hate to neglect it for too long. The main theme for this long awaited (!) [...]

Early Christmas Treats: Some Last Minute Possibilities

…in both our romantic cottages…We have some exciting possibilities for somebody, somewhere. This somebody is either so organised that Christmas preparations are all complete and they’re bored waiting or probably far more likely, possibly someone who finds they have left things too late and wants to hide away peacefully and restfully for a few days. [...]

10 out of 10 for Cottage on the Green Curries!

Freshly Cooked Curries Available in Parwich Thursday to Saturday The news broke last week about this wonderful new facility available in Parwich and we couldn’t wait to try it out. We knew the curries would be good but we strongly feel it’s always better to recommend from personal experience rather than hearsay (even when it’s [...]