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Visitrac: What could we have improved?

Is there anything that we could have done to make your stay more enjoyable? (Again, completely unedited) nope..it was just about as perfect as you can get for holidays of this nature unless the proprietors can exert some control over the weather …:))) 1. An indoor recycling bin, to keep recycling separate before taking it [...]

Visitrac: What was particularly good about your cottage?

Is there anything you felt was particularly good about this property? (Completely unedited!) everything in property you could wish for.Extra touches like bread, milk, eggs,butter, homemade shortbread on arrival, toiletries in bathroom made us feel we were special. The standard of cleanliness..the customer service…the provision of facilities .the kitchen equipment was excellent, as was the [...]

Visitrac: Would you return?

How likely are you to re-book a stay at this property? Don’t know 1 1% Not very likely 3 4% Quite likely 22 29% Very likely 49 65% At least one of the ‘Not very likely’ responses was because they were in the process of moving to the area… This is another example where one [...]

Visitrac Online Survey: Where the guests came from

Which part of England do you live in? East Midlands 12 17% Eastern (?)  10 14% London 9 13% North West/Merseyside 3 4% South East 21 29% South West 6 8% West Midlands 5 7% Yorkshire & The Humber 6 8% Scotland   2 3% As  can be seen, our guests come from all over the [...]

Visitrac Online Survey: the less useful aspects

There have been frustrations. We did not design the wording or the questions. The questions allow for a response but without an explanation for the comment. There were some reponses based on a complete misconception and I don’t deny that can make one feel quite unreasonably upset! For example one person complains, one senses bitterly, [...]

Visitrac Online Survey: the difference it has made

The results, the scores and comments, have given us confidence because the average score never dips much below 9.5/10. We have been grateful to pick up some hints of what might be improved, and have as far as possible acted on these, most notably replacing the beds;  the Tom’s Barn bed had been superb but [...]

Visitrac Online Survey: those taking part

The Guests who filled in the anonymous survey from summer 2008 to summer 2009 There were 75 responses in all Female 49 65% Male 26 35% Their age group -  our guests cover the full span 25-34    17 23% 35-44   16 21% 45-54   19 25% 55-64  16 21% 65+       7 9% Was this your first [...]

Visitrac: Would you recommend our barns?

Quite likely 3 4% Very likely 72 96% (Total no. of questionnaires returned: 75)

Visitrac: Your expectations: How do we score?

The property was as I expected 24 32% The property was better than I expected 51 68% It is perhaps worth pointing out that many of the guests had been before, so knew what to expect (Total no. of questionnaires returned: 75)

Visitrac: The standard of the garden: How do we score?

6/10         2 guests 3% 7/10         2 3% 8/10        13 17% 9/10        15 20% 10/10     39 52% N/A          4 5% Average Score = 9.23 (Total no. of questionnaires returned: 75)