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Blue Tits on the Move

…and John on his steep learning camera-curve…Four photos from John who is still working hard on mastering his new camera, new lens and most significantly,  trying to capture little birds in fast flight. Not easy.

Frosty Views and Orchard Farm Birds in Flight

from Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns’ Resident PhotographerAnything to distract from the acutely pressing need to do our tax before the end of Jan but I couldn’t resist adding (and I still haven’t mastered how to do it neatly) one or two photos that John has taken in the last couple of days. The most lovely [...]

Can you help identify these yellow flowers?

We have been asked to help identify the yellow flower in this photo. These were seen on Wolfscotedale by Graham and Margaret but are to be seen in profusion at the moment, nearly always it seems in the midst of harebells. The yellow and blue looks so pretty together. John and I couldn’t help, being [...]

Gluts in the Veg Patch: Chocolate Courgette Cake

The ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ creeps upon us. Blackberries are ripening, courgettes are turning into marrows while one’s back is momentarily turned, the plums on our old tree are turning a beauiful golden red and are already as sweet as honey, the apple tree can hardly cope with all the apples and the [...]

‘More!’ Demanding (Bird) Babies

…Demand feeding in Practice, in the Bird World…I am told feeding on demand is now (once again) the fashion and preferred choice for many mothers and professionals for human babies but it would apper that this is nature’s way too. We have already shown but will again here on the right let you see John’s [...]

Environmental Quality Mark for Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns

…Receiving our Award at Haddon Hall…I am sorry to have neglected the blog for so many days. We have had a very busy time recently wearing all the different hats that we do and there hasn’t been much ime for anything, let alone gentle ramblings at the computer. Busy? Pimms on the lawns at Haddon [...]

Gardens: A Weekend of Open Gardens in Parwich (including Orchard Farm)

… and Flaxdale House Open Garden & Art Exhibition on Saturday… On Saturday 18th October 10-6 Flaxdale House Open Garden and Art Exhibition £3 (Primary School age children £1) to include refreshments, in aid of the Derwent Rural Counselling Service On Sunday 19th October 2-6 Parwich Open Gardens, entry £3 (to include a cream tea [...]

The Peak District Environmental Quality Mark

“The Peak District Environmental Quality Mark (EQM) is a pioneering award for businesses that contribute to the conservation and enhancement of the Peak District National Park”…and “only businesses that can demonstrate high standards of environmental management…can qualify for the award”! So, as you can imagine, we were very delighted to hear that we have been [...]

Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns’ Green Conscience

You may well have wondered, yet again, at an uncxplained apparent absence of activity… The truth is, I have been extremely busy but not doing fun things like writing on the blog, which to me is sheer relaxation. What has been preoccupying nearly every waking moment since the Horse Trials is our application for an [...]

Tom’s & Douglas’s Barn Favourite Recipes

Recipe No. 1: Marion’s Fake Bakewell‘Cakes to Die For’ or ‘Heaven on a Plate’… Neither of these descriptions are mine and modesty almost prevents me repeating them but we get so many complimentary remarks about the cakes that our guests seem to enjoy, and so many rather shy requests for the recipe, that we have [...]