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Birds leaving home and a honeymoon in Tom’s Barn

An eventful few days in the bird world, with one bit of bad bird news…

Our three little blue tit chicks tried to leave their nest ( i.e. hole in the wall) yesterday. But after all the parents’ loving attention and sheer hard work continuously feeding them two of the three didn’t make it, but fell to the ground, unable to fly and I am not telling tales but you may be able to guess what happened.

We were so upset, but then had to remind ourselves that that is the way of nature, and it was live worms and grubs had been fed to the baby birds, and so on… But we still felt pretty awful. However, the third baby, obviously the strongest, managed to fly to the nearby red oak and of course now is unrecognisable from all the other blue tit chicks chirruping away in all directions.

This evening at about six the bird chatter coming from our plum tree next to the house was quite amazing as all the little fledglings – blue tits and goldfinches, all reminded their parents that they might have left the nest, but they still needed feeding, and fast! From this angle the baby goldfinch in the photo which is not as clear as most of John’s, looks smaller than her very fluffed up and still quite skittery baby. Where the goldfinches were all nesting we have no idea, but obviously almost under our noses somewhere.

And finally, to a totally lovely and happy bit of human news: we are delighted to have another honeymoon couple staying, this time in Tom’s Barn. In fact they are ‘old’ friends (if pretty young!) so it is especially lovely for us and we are enjoying their flowers that they have left outside for us all to enjoy. Their happiness is infectious, and the huge slice of quite delicious wedding cake they brought up with them made a delightful if naughty treat at supper time.


2 comments for “Birds leaving home and a honeymoon in Tom’s Barn”

  1. Where actually was the hole in the wall that the birds were nesting in?

    T & P enjoyed seeing you all again and also the lovely weather that they had while they were with you.

    Posted by Ruth C | June 16, 2011, 2:51 pm
  2. Hello, Ruth, what a lovely surprise! We loved seeing Tim and Pippa too, and hope they can come again soon. We’re hoping to see Chris and Sadie soon, too, which will be lovely.

    The blue tits were nesting in a hole in the side wall of the stone shed opposite the house, that John calls Connemara overlooking the guests’ car park. They spurned our various proper nesting boxes; one big advantage of the hole is that it is actually quite a bit wider than the little hole in the proper boxes, so we could see all three baby blue tits lined up together (you can see some of the photos in the previous posts.

    Posted by Marion F-S | June 16, 2011, 11:09 pm

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