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Orchard Farm History

Bert Broomhead’s View of Parwich in 1950

Painted from just behind Orchard Farm

Idly watching  the Antiques Roadshow at Chatsworth tonight we were intrigued  when the daughter of an artist called Bert Broomhead (who up until that moment we had never heard of) produced a rather beautiful picture of Parwich painted in 1950. John had recorded the programme and was able to ‘rewind’ and take a few stills but a picture of the actual painting can be seen on the artist’s website

Momentarily we struggled to place the view until we realised it must have been painted from directly behind Orchard Farm. Interestingly there is no rusty haybarn which we had assumed to be even older than 60 years and of course no sign of any of the ‘newer’ houses along this road.

What is there in pride of place is nostalgic reminder our old two-seater privy in the foreground on the left. There was no loo and no bathroom and not much else either in the house when we bought Orchard Farm  in 1983  but needless to say we did improve the facilities somewhat before moving in. The privy sadly was demolished by a van taking the corner too fast at least twenty years ago so now all we have left is the levelled off waist-high wall.

The church is there in the background, the McCabes’ old barn, and is that Knob Hall in the right hand corner?


2 comments for “Bert Broomhead’s View of Parwich in 1950”

  1. Marion and John,
    How well the artist’s daughter pronounced PARWICH on the programme.
    We thought that the open barn on the right had probably been dismantled and rebuilt on your land thus – if that were true then -your open barn has some age to it.
    We are so envious of your snow – we had 11 inches but it all went within two days.

    Posted by Jenny and Derek | December 8, 2010, 10:25 pm
    • So glad you saw this, Derek and Jenny. Did you spot that it was (just!) Orchard Farm on the left? Several other guests did too – but I suppose for us all it is a familiar view apart from the increase now in the number of houses nearby.
      It’s rather a lovely painting, isn’t it?

      The snow has been amazing. Nobody remembers having so much. The other amazing thing is the blue sky and bright sun, day after day (and of course clear, starry and seriously freezing nights.

      John and Marion

      Posted by Marion F-S | December 8, 2010, 10:49 pm

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