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Bean crunching: occupancy stats for our barns

The weather has turned lovely again, which is wonderful. It makes it particularly sad that I should have actually chosen to be indoors at the moment, out of the sun and sitting at the computer rather than tackling the weeds or any other outdoor chore that would have justified my staying outside. And actually, the need to weed is far more urgent than the stats I’ve produced but I  have been quite happily occupied for an hour or two looking at various facts and figures, including amongst others our barns occupancy stats.

Occupancy for our barns has always been well over 90%. Last financial year (2009-2010) Tom’s Barn’s was 95%, having adjusted for the 10 days withdrawn for decorating in February, with all year  one weekend and one midweek unaccountably unbooked (can’t blame a cancellation or anything like that!). Douglas’s Barn occupancy was 99%, with – apart from the 5 days withdrawn for re-decorating – only one weekend, in  December, not booked .

As far as visits go, Tom’s Barn had 59  during the year, Douglas’s Barn 60. Both had 35 one-week or longer bookings and 24/25 short breaks respectively. That’s a lot of changeovers! There’s a lot to be said for being such as small unit, how owners cope when they have a large complex doesn’t bear thinking of…

Finally, another figure which we find surprising: only 18% of our guests last year had been before (22% Tom’s Barn, 15% Douglas’s). I think that must be a blip: last year the overall figure was 24% and we do have such a lot of guests coming back and back;  I am sure the figure will be higher again next year and certainly, looking at our wall planner/advance bookings chart can almost guarantee it.

We love having old friends return, and they seem to like the feeling of coming ‘home’ to somewhere familiar. That isn’t to say of course that we don’t also really love welcoming new faces here and it is gratifying that so many of you do keep finding us one way or the other, through the internet or through friends and family – so, do keep  coming!


2 comments for “Bean crunching: occupancy stats for our barns”

  1. We are coming to you via Bangor, Wales where we have been gardening for 5 days in sweltering heat.
    Put me down for weeding between the beans. Knowing you there are no weeds just plants in the wrong place.
    I can leave the dirt under my finger nails for another 7 days and posibly wash my feet in the Dove on Wednesday.
    Jenny is coming for the rest and your hospitality.
    Best wishes,
    Jenny and Derek

    Posted by Jenny and Derek | June 3, 2010, 2:33 pm
    • There are rather a lot of plants in the wrong places, as you’ll see tomorrow. But you can view them from a distance – you and Jenny are here to rest, relax and enjoy yourselves. It will be lovely to see you both (again!). J and M

      Posted by Marion F-S | June 3, 2010, 2:53 pm

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