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Bald as a Coot

...but mother still loves you

CootsWe were strolling round Tissington the other day, daughter Ruthie  having bought us some wedding anniversary plants from the nursery there, when we were charmed to see this mummy coot,  nesting on a very precarious looking bunch of weeds in the big pond. (We also felt rather proud that we had spotted the scene, before John – he has such sharp eyes and is normally so quick to spot anything  interesting, amusing or  unusual in the bird world.)

At fairly frequent intervals, the father coot swam up with some delicious morsel in  his mouth which he transferred to the mother’s beak;  she promptly fed the two babies while he paddled off again to find some more for them.


One comment for “Bald as a Coot”

  1. For all those friends, guests and family members whose hair may possibly be less luxuriant than perhaps it once was… please be reassured that no hurt was intended. The heading ‘bald as a coot’ was intended solely to describe these undeniably hairless baby coots who appear to be quite happy with the description.

    Posted by Marion F-S | July 20, 2010, 12:30 pm

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