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The Perfect Peak District Autumn Retreat

Where…?Read this lovely review of Douglas’s Barn by Lucy Dodsworth and there, I’ve given the answer away. It is Douglas’s Barn, apparently, but perhaps it could equally well have been Tom’s Barn if Lucy had stayed there? Or perhaps any one of the local Peak District Premier Cottages romantic cottages for two, but happily for us she and [...]

Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns: New Future

Chapter 2: Planning the handoverWe’ve never had to sell a house before,  having prior to buying Orchard Farm always lived in a ‘tied cottage i.e. school house. We’re rapidly discovering that even the handing over of a house is complex enough, but when it is a business, albeit a very friendly, unbusinesslike one, there  is far [...]

Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns: New Story

Chapter 1: Introducing our new buyersA lot of soul searching, and a lot of thought and much activity has been going on behind these blog walls in spite of an apparent blog blackout. To break the silence, within days of Orchard Farm going on the market we had a flood of interest, much to our [...]

Another Almost Blogless Day…

Sorry for the dreadful silence. We’re all still here, believe it or not, but things have been quite busy! We promised you, and really meant it,  that we would keep you all updated. Every morning I promise myself I will do a blog post, and then the day whizzes past and before I know where [...]

Facing the Future: Long Live Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns!

The dreaded moment has come, but with it all the same a small hint of excitement and optimism about the next step ahead as we face (and face up to) the next stage in our lives. Orchard Farm is now officially on the market and with it of course our  much loved Tom’s and Douglas’s [...]

Holiday at Home! It might be Cheaper!

We have learnt that money (£23.7bn)  does buy you fame even if momentary and extremely light-hearted! It also will buy you a bargain flight to Portugal (it would have made more sense to buy up a few aeroplanes). You can holiday in this country, in some comfort, for considerably less. Since the ‘Great Fare Robbery’ [...]

A Great Trip at a Great Price?

Tom’s and Douglas’s Barn’ prices are at the top end of ‘normal’ but for what you get we’d like to think that the price is a great one, but not this great! John and I recently received a lovely invitation to join some friends in their villa in Portugal for a long weekend. We have [...]

Business as Usual?

When we were in Co Cork the other day, negotiating some roadworks, we were very amused to see a large sign outside a shop. With typical Irish humour, it said, “Business as usual during the roadworks. Expect Delays!” Hopefully we won’t be responsible for too many delays, but it truly will be ‘business’ as usual [...]

Moving on, slowly, very slowly…

Facing old age, reluctantly and disbelievingly, and the need to downsize… We have decided to put Orchard Farm on the market. We’ve loved living at Orchard Farm (for 31 1/2 years!) and really loved running Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns for nearly half of that time. The contact with all our guests has been such a happy [...]

Could this be the lucky break you’ve been waiting for?

Can someone else’s misfortune be your good fortune? We have a sudden week’s gap in Tom’s Barn on Monday (September 8th) which we hope may answer someone’s dream: Monday 8th to Monday 15th September – seven summer nights for the winter weekly rate of £485, plus £25 per dog if you want to bring your [...]