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The long awaited new oak tables for Tom’s Barn

Tom's Barn bedroomWe had long been planning, although somewhat dreamily, about updating the side tables and bedside cabinets in Tom’s Barn. They were all part of the original furniture eleven years ago when Tom’s Barn was born; they had seen good service but even eleven years ago were not exactly from the toppest of ‘top drawers.

Our dream were rapidly forced into reality when the last inspector agreed all too readily with our suggestion that they were due for replacement, and also the easy chair which although still relatively new and expensively upholstered had never recovered from an ‘expert’ dry cleaning by a firm in Sheffield which seemed to do nothing but accentuate any slight marks already there (and why we had it cleaned in the first place)…

Tom's Barn: new coffee tableWe rapidly found a new chair made by a furniture maker in Brailsford,¬† and that has been in the barn for some time now (unfortunately not too visibly in these photo. We also asked a local joiner to make some oak furniture (coffee table, two side tables and two bedside cabinets). The six weeks we were quoted stretched into about ten, but never mind, handmade and all looking brilliant they arrived today¬† – so we hadn’t been dreaming all along, after all…!

Tom's Barn sitting roomFortunately it was changeover day, so in went the new stuff, and out came the old. And guess where it went? All to our house!! We are always quite happy with the cast-offs, and can guarantee they’ll be comfortable even if past their sell-by date.

A few of John’s photos are here but for masses more taken by John this afternoon, look at our gallery.


2 comments for “The long awaited new oak tables for Tom’s Barn”

  1. I love the new coffee table and bedside cabinets. We have now visited Tom’s Barn many times and we are always impressed with the high standard of equipment and cleanliness of the barn.

    A messasge to non-pet owners:

    Please do not be put off when reading that dogs are welcome in Tom’s Barn. Not once, on any of our visits, has there ever been any doggy smells or stray pet hairs!

    Posted by Jayne Macey | May 31, 2011, 6:44 pm
    • Thank you, Jayne for these lovely unsolicited comments! If anyone saw how hard Janet works to ensure there never are any doggie smells you’d understand there is very litttle risk of anything escaping undetected! Actually, most our dog owners are quite meticulous about their dogs, so there is very little risk anyway but we never take it for granted.

      Another thing we’re blessed with is always having such genuinely nice people visiting, and all our lovely long term guests like you and Andy (but John says, don’t make it too lovey-dovey… but it’s hard not to.)

      Posted by Marion F-S | May 31, 2011, 7:34 pm

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