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Who are we?

We, John and Marion F-S, are the proud owners of Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s Barn, our two romantic holiday cottages in the lovely Peak District village of Parwich.

We have lived at Orchard Farm for nearly twenty five years, having bought it as a fairly embarrassing wreck in 1983. It took some time (and courage we realise now but at the time we were filled with naive enthusiasm) to get the main house livable in; the barns we left to last. Having been used by the previous owner, Tom, who was a farmer, they were actually in a better state – relatively – than the house.

We finally started renovating them in 1999, when Marion’s father, Douglas, decided the time had come for him to leave his home of forty years in Ringmore, Devon, to live beside (he was very clear it was ‘beside’ and not ‘with’) us! Douglas moved up here with his cat, Boots, and they both loved his self-appointed role as general overseer of our guests’ happiness and well-being and many of our ‘older guests remember him well.

Douglas died, aged 95, in 2004; two years later we converted his cottage into Douglas’s Barn.

We have three grown up children and one grandson, Tom, now aged nine, who lives with his parents in Ulladulla, N.S.W. (rather a long way away!)

If you would like to contact us we would be delighted to talk to you or to receive an email. All our contact details can be found on our website.