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A White Christmas for Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns?

- and a new telly for Douglas's Barn bedroom -

It looks highly likely the snow will stay.

Both lots of Christmas guests have arrived safely, and managed to get their cars up the final slope. The barns are warm and snug as usual, and feeling very Christmassy especially with the snow outside (although there’s a paltry amount compared to what we had nearly a month ago!). John tried to captureĀ  an idea of what snow there is in this image on the right – if you double click on the image you get a better idea of how nice it all looks.

We managed to find two small – but almost perfectly formed – Christmas trees and with a bit of holly and poinsettia not to forget the usual lilies and a plate full of Orchard Farm’s unique Christmas Bakewell and mince pies both barns look quite inviting and jolly – it would be tempting to book ourselves in but both barns are already booked for Christmas next year so we’ve clearly missed the boat there…

We brought home yesterday a new LED, HD Ready and goodness knows what else white flat screen TV for upstairs in Douglas’s Barn, pleased to update things as usual but even more pleased to beat the VAT increase in the New Year.

Now all we have to do is wrap presents and wait for Ruthie and Nick to arrive, separately, from London. Sara and her family meanwhile are enjoying the summer sunshine in Australia so no white Christmas for them.


4 comments for “A White Christmas for Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns?”

  1. It never pays to be too smug. The fridge in Douglas’s Barn, laden with our guests’ Christmas goodies chose this moment (Christmas Eve) to break down.
    The fridge repairers are not even answering their phone so are probably off until the 5th Jan!
    So instead of quietly wrapping presents we spent the best part of the day buying and installing a temporary (we hope) replacement fridge… It is rather tiny but the largest Weston’s of Wirksworth had that we could fit in the back of the car.
    What luck it happened today when the shops were open and not tomorrow.
    Meanwhile, presents are wrapped but somewhat roughly!

    Posted by Marion F-S | December 24, 2010, 11:54 pm
    • As the current completely-contented occupants of Douglas’ Barn, interested readers will be pleased to hear that the new fridge is now doing a Christmas-cracking job of keeping our goodies cool. Big thanks have to go out to our fantastic hosts, Marion and John. They have been nothing short of amazing since our arrival; with the bonus of a few drinks together last night, alongside meeting the lovely Ruth and Nick, really putting the icing on our xmas cake! D & L xxx

      Posted by Dave Brown | December 25, 2010, 6:10 pm
      • How very kind of you!

        We’re so glad (and relieved) it all turned out OK and we loved the excuse to share a pre-Christmas drink or two with you both.

        You have been lovely and most understanding guests!

        Happy Christmas to you and also of course to our returning guests in Tom’s Barn whom we are so pleased to see again after five years…

        Posted by Marion F-S | December 25, 2010, 6:26 pm
  2. What is a ‘white Christmas’? We always assumed it meant when there was snow lying on the ground, but not necessarily snow actively falling.

    It would seem if you are betting on it there has to be snow actually falling – are we right?

    So – (white) snow lying on the ground – yes, we had a white Christmas; snow falling from the sky – no, we did not have a white Christmas although it was white.

    Take your pick!

    Posted by Marion F-S | December 27, 2010, 11:19 am

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