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Going Green

A Guest Comments on our Blog

(By way of explanation, Derek and Jenny stayed here last year and are returning again soon. While they were staying here they met our then vicar, Christopher Harrison, and one lazy warm evening last year the five of us shared a glass or two of wine sitting outside Tom’s Barn.

You can get an idea of the various topics of conversation. Answers to questions – where we have an answer – will follow in a later post, but to begin with Derek is commenting on the Tom’s Barn Blog.)

In many respects you have created a facility which, originally designed to allow guests to record their experiences, now allows future guests to keep their interest at a high level as they wait for their stay to arrive.

The combination of your site and the village site provides a wealth of information.

How is the new vicar settling in? What snags have arisen in the building of the new hall ? Will the road ever be repaired? What is happening in the village school?
How is the garden ( pictured in the glossy magazine in 2009 ) looking this spring ?
How are Marion’s piano lessons proceeding? What birds has John seen recently?

As a farmer’s son who grew up in a Sussex village with similar traditions to Parwich it warms one’s heart to see how what was once an agricultural society developing and blending into a 21st century –totally in touch – community.

That you have gone green is so lovely. I well recall how in our village the lavender man – he who collected elsan buckets – drove his vehicle on to our fields and spread his load accordingly. My father was very much against modern phosphates in the 1940/1950s and was very much against the arrival of a sewage system being introduced into village life.

Can I impress you as I have recently taken delivery of a green Sony mobile telephone? How such an intrusion can be considered green I do not know !

I am not a blogger by instinct but we just wanted to tell you that the cheque is in the post.


2 comments for “A Guest Comments on our Blog”

  1. Having just returned from our second visit to Tom’s Barn, we can thoroughly recommend the beautiful Peak Park village of Parwich, and more specifically the excellent Tom’s Barn. Everything from the facilities to the location is perfect, and Marion and John are the perfect hosts. Not to be missed.

    Posted by Colin and Mandy Berry | April 27, 2010, 11:16 pm
  2. Derek has pointed out to me that his questions were rhetorical, which I in my pedantic and rather literal way had not appreciated I am embarrassed to say!
    He reminds me, rather flatteringly, ‘What I was trying to portray was how beneficial your site and the village site have become to ensure on going and up to date info.
    We know how the vicar is settling in / how the new hall is developing/ how the road repair is progressing/ life in the school and which birds John has seen recently.’

    As for the piano lessons, they have reached what I hope is only a temporary halt. Our garden although I say it myself, is looking good, with the Mangnolia Stellata, the damson and plum blossoms and all the spiriaea (spelling?)looking wonderful and white. The tulips are lovely too.

    Posted by Marion F-S | May 4, 2010, 4:31 pm

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