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How Green are We? 2009 Inspection

We were daily awaiting our ‘green’ inspection all summer; in fact the Green Business in Tourism inspectors were very keen to come the same day as the QiT inspector was scheduled to come. We thought that too much of a good thing, certainly for us and even more certainly for our poor guests who were already being disturbed more than we would have likedĀ  without having a double dose imposed on them.

Very fortuitously the inspection was put back to September, which gave us a welcome breathing space which (ssshhh!) has now extended to the end of November…

As well as the practical inspection we have to produce a very great deal of figures and supporting data. It is quite demanding, but certainly is helping us be very aware of all the green issues and what else we ought to be doing to support the environment and avoid unnecessary waste.

In fact, we have been on a ‘green’ spending spree, of which more later…


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