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Going Green

Two-Times-Ten (plus one) Top Tips

How to enjoy a carbon-free, stress-free holiday in our two holiday cottages with everything you need to hand.

All in all, the outlook is pretty good – the list is growing all the time – there are 20+ top tips and no doubt more will spring to mind as we set our sights greenward.

You pretty well have to arrive here by car. The nearest mainline train station is 20 miles away; we have had guests travel by train and book a taxi for the final leg. You can technically do the Derby/Ashbourne/Parwich journey by bus, but – John did it once and it took him a very very very long time.

However, once here you all is well. You can live very happily here, in the Derbyshire Peak District, without getting into your car at all, all week.

  1. You will find in each barn all the basic necessities – coffee, tea, dishwasher tablets, loo paper etc; we also always leave you a loaf of fresh bread, 6 new laid eggs, a pint of milk and a pack of butter.
  2. The Sycamore village pub shop 01335 390 212 sells bread, milk, fruit and veg, frozen meals and pretty well all the basics.
  3. Or you can do a pre-order from Waitrose www.waitrosedeliver.com  who will deliver here (DE6 1QB) free of charge if you spend over £50. If you place an order to arrive early Friday afternoon we will put it all away for you in your barn before you arrive – but please warn us in advance!
  4. The White Peak Butchery in Tissington 01335 390 300 (next door village, easy 40 minute walk over the hills) is a quite excellent butcher. He sells home made pies etc as well as truly delicious bacon, sausages and meat.
  5. The Gibsons 01335 310 250 deliver milk, cream, yogurt and ice cream on Mon, Wed, and Friday. Ring them to arrange it if you would like milk delivered.
  6. Peak District Fine Foods 01332 883 616/07946 415 20 www.peakdistrictfinefooods.co.uk will deliver pretty well anything if ordered in advance.
  7. Our next door neighbour, Val Kirkham, 01335 390 458 runs a catering service and will prepare and deliver meals for two (even serve them, if you’re willing to pay the extra!). Contact her direct for current information and prices. www.topnoshcaterers.com
  8. Newspapers can be ordered through us in advance to be delivered at your door in time for a civilised breakfast.
  9. The Sycamore, our local – about 5-7 minutes’ stroll from here – is a traditional village pub, very friendly and with no pretentions. It is run by Janet Gosling, with Steve; they serve generous and reasonably priced bar meals and snacks.  Tel.01335 390 212
  10. We have just put a slow cooker in each barn so that with the minimum of effort and electricity you can return from that lovely walk to be greeted by the smell of whatever delicious casserole you put in to cook slowly that morning.
  11. There is lots to see without moving far from the village. In each barn we have a Parwich Walks booklet which guides you round the village on a series of walks taking in the different interesting landmarks.
  12. The bus stop and current timetable is opposite the village green and the church. Be warned – it takes a little planning – there are only a few a day, mostly into Ashbourne, and none on Sundays or Bank Holidays.
  13. We can provide a secure place to lock up your bikes. We can even lend a pair of fairly ordinary but hopefully OK bicycles (provide your own hard hat…).
  14. The High Peak and Tissington Trails are both easily accessed on foot from here.
  15. The Coach House tea rooms at Tissington 01335 350501 serves very nice light lunches, tea and snacks. You could stop and buy a (light) plant or two at the Tissington Nursery, too, while you were there, and wonderful local meat, sausages and home made pies from the White Peak Butchery. (Better bring a rucksack for this trip.)
  16. There is a lovely pub called The Gate in Brassington which is 1 hour’s walk over the hills (01629 540 448). One can walk there and back for a delicious lunch (but not on Monday or Tuesday) or – in the light summer evenings – supper.
  17. A somewhat more energetic walk with take you to Dovedale – you could have a meal or snack at the Isaac Walton, or walk back up along the River Dove to Alstonefield where the George awaits thirsty hungry walkers. The food there improves all the time!
  18. Further afield there are wonderful walks in every direction, right from the door – several with convenient pubs en route for anyone happy for a round trip of a minimum of six to eight miles.
  19. There are two floodlit tennis courts 3 minutes’ walk away from here. We can lend you rackets and balls.
  20. We also have free broadband wi-fi and the use of a land line so if you must keep in touch with work or family responsibilities you can do so without moving from the peace and comfort of your barn. Most people would prefer to leave all thought of the outside world behind but unfortunately one does not always have the choice of that luxury.
  21. Ashbourne Taxis 01335 345 198: If you want to go further afield, without using your own car you could always cheat slightly and order a taxi. They are well used to coming here!


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