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Your Stay in Douglas’s Barn – What is Your Verdict?

Catching up with Douglas’s Barn Guests’ Comments PART 1In a strange way, we always feel a bit awkward quoting extracts from the Visitors’ Books. Sometimes the comments are quite personal and I am sure guests don’t think of them as likely to be hitting the airwaves but on the other hand we all love to [...]

Spring Arrives, as do Our Guests’ Snow and Ice Grippers

…What it is to be able to influence the weather…Well, we certainly predicted this! Today dawned grey, but true to the weather forecast it got better and better and by lunch time the sky was blue and the sun shining. Down the drive came a delivery van, out jumped the driver and cheerily handed us [...]

Beautiful Bullfinches at Orchard Farm

…And this one knows he is looking pretty good…According to John’s brother’s bird book, bullfinches don’t come to bird tables, but ours do. Need, or maybe just greed must have persuaded ours to change their habit as they have become very faithful feeders, mingling apparently happily with all the others – robins, blue, coal and [...]

Eating In Without Lifting a Finger…

…Curries to Die For…It doesn’t take long for the subject to return to food, not that I should perhaps apologise. One can’t turn on the telly for a minute without finding a cookery programme and goodness knows how many cookery books are produced each year and fancy kitchens full of even fancier gadgets advertised. And [...]

Parwich: TripAdvisor’s “Travellors’ Choice” Destination for 2012??

***Parwich, Baslow or London…?***Will Parwich beat London – or even Baslow – for TripAdvisor’s latest Travellors’ Choice Awards? This evening I received an invitation to rate these three destinations; could this be the first hint that Parwich has reached the UK’s short list for this year’s awards? Sadly, probably not, but let’s see what the [...]

Warm Weather Prognosis from Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns

…And The Possible Way to Ensure the Icy Conditions Disappear Permanently…What is the secret? You’ll have to wait and see how effective it turns out to be… The icy conditions persist. We have had no snow recently, and none the night before last in spite of warnings and dire predictions of what was to befall. [...]

Five Stars and a Gold Award

…What Does it Actually Signify?… We had our annual Quality in Tourism inspection last month and have just received confirmation that we retain our Five Stars and a Gold Award for each barn which of course is enormously pleasing. We try all the time to keep updating and improving but one never likes to take [...]

Snowy Update from Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns

…And One Happy Tom’s Barn Dog Guest…Just a quick post after a day of snow. Last winter the snow came with a vengeance at the end of November; this year we have had to wait until early February so it seems more exciting – there isn’t that slight niggling worry that it might be going [...]

A Fantastic Midweek Opportunity

for this coming Monday 6 to Friday 10 February 2012….It will be lovely…Think toboggans, walks in the  snow. It is snowing, hard. Douglas’s Barn, warm and welcoming, awaits you, IF you can pass the test… You can’t resist a challenge You can’t resist a bargain You like spur of the moment excitement You have a 4×4 vehicle [...]