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Wibbly Wobbly Whisk-Away Wednesday

…Remedy for Post-Christmas Blues… John was listening to Radio 4 this morning and reported the fact – new to us – that apparently December 28th is the biggest day in the year for booking holidays as everyone in Britain awakes to feelings of gloom, guilt and despondency brought on by late nights, over-indulgence and general [...]

Happy Christmas to you all

…Friends, Guests, Past Guests and Guests-yet-to-Be Happy Christmas to everyone! We had great hopes of sending Christmas greetings to everyone personally but practicalities – namely shortage of time and skill- prevailed and now all we can do is wish everyone most sincerely a very happy Christmas holiday and a happy, fulfilled and healthy year to [...]

Get Here if You Can!

…The Peak District’s message to the world and ours to you… Do have a look at this lovely Peak District official video, with a most haunting melody… The message is – ‘Come to the Peak District, no matter how!’ and we could add the rider, having got to the Peak District, why not come here, [...]

Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns News Roundup

…to bring you up to date…Both barns are ready for Christmas! Unfortunately that is more than can be said for the owners who as usual are weeks behind with the cards and the presents. Glossing over that I’d like to start by just reminding anyone that Christmas is taking by surprise that 2012 follows shortly [...]

A One-Off Tom’s Barn Weekend Break

…How about a Sneaky Pre-Christmas Jolly (and a sermon)…Blogger’s Block is not the problem but lack of time/too much to do has been, hence the long gap for which I am genuine sorry. I do enjoy doing the blog and hate to neglect it for too long. The main theme for this long awaited (!) [...]

Early Christmas Treats: Some Last Minute Possibilities

…in both our romantic cottages…We have some exciting possibilities for somebody, somewhere. This somebody is either so organised that Christmas preparations are all complete and they’re bored waiting or probably far more likely, possibly someone who finds they have left things too late and wants to hide away peacefully and restfully for a few days. [...]

10 out of 10 for Cottage on the Green Curries!

Freshly Cooked Curries Available in Parwich Thursday to Saturday The news broke last week about this wonderful new facility available in Parwich and we couldn’t wait to try it out. We knew the curries would be good but we strongly feel it’s always better to recommend from personal experience rather than hearsay (even when it’s [...]