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…Myths, Legends, Half Truths and Fact Most Compelling and Confusing…What a lovely time we have been having! (Don’t worry, life isn’t all jolly excitements and things will be back to normal on Monday but it’s fun while it lasts…) On Friday we had the cricket lunch reunion of a successful Trinity College Dublin 1st X1 [...]

Autumn Berries, Flowers and Fruit

After a truly wonderful spell in North Yorkshire it is still lovely to get home again. Autumn is creeping up, but the grass is still growing and there is still plenty colour in the garden. John had taken lots of photos recently, and a small selection can be seen in our gallery ORCHARD FARM GARDEN: [...]

A Message from Yorkshire

From our holiday cottage in North Yorkshire…! No excuse for the long silence apart from the fact we are away, revisiting old haunts and having a wonderful time catching up with many old – as in longstanding – friends. Starting and ending our jaunt staying with friends, we are spending a few days on a [...]

Tom Chambers and Top Hat

- Cultural Extravaganza Part 2 – We were very excited about seeing `Top Hat’, for all sorts of reasons. It is always such a treat going to the theatre anyway; we both love musicals and we are both great longterm fans of Tom Chambers whose plays we watched (and hockey matches) throughout his time at school [...]

Jane Eyre and Tom Chambers!

- Cultural Extravaganza Part 1 -What a fun day we had yesterday, and a full one! We set off fairly early for a Saturday morning to the Jane Eyre Behind the Scenes event at Haddon Hall. (This event was so over-subscribed that they are holding another on 23rd October – for more info go to [...]

DRCS Shopping Fair 2011

- A Shopping Extravaganza – Well, we have held our third DRCS Shopping Fair on Wednesday and Thursday this week (5th and 6th October) and come out victorious…! It’s a lot of hard work, much of it sheer physical slog, but we all reckon it was a very happy and successful one-and-a-bit day event. Customers [...]

Baking Hot – Catching up with all the news

What a wonderful spell of weather we have been enjoying! As luck would have it I spent much of today in our kitchen churning out Bakewell tarts and also the coconut ‘Lincoln Tarts’ (guests may recognise!) for the Derwent Rural Counselling Service  (DRCS) Shopping Fair tomorrow. The apparently burnt offering at the back does not [...]