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Can you help identify these yellow flowers?

We have been asked to help identify the yellow flower in this photo. These were seen on Wolfscotedale by Graham and Margaret but are to be seen in profusion at the moment, nearly always it seems in the midst of harebells. The yellow and blue looks so pretty together. John and I couldn’t help, being [...]

Some Guests’ Comments from Dog-Friendly Tom’s Barn

“The best equipped, stocked and presented cottage we have ever stayed in!” You don’t have to have a dog to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Tom’s Barn. Many but by no means all of our Tom’s Barn guests do come with a dog, or two, but we do our very best to ensure, especially for [...]

Tom’s Barn Blog – Spare Our Blushes!

There I was early this morning at Derby’s Pride Park stadium overlooking the football pitch, all ears, concentrating intently. No, I wasn’t watching a football match although one day I perhaps should; rather, I was hoping fervently to pick up some tips from Liam Lally, today’s E-Business club trainer at their Breakfast Briefing for today, [...]

Gluts in the Veg Patch: Chocolate Courgette Cake

The ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ creeps upon us. Blackberries are ripening, courgettes are turning into marrows while one’s back is momentarily turned, the plums on our old tree are turning a beauiful golden red and are already as sweet as honey, the apple tree can hardly cope with all the apples and the [...]

Did You Have a Good Time?

—–Did our Douglas’s Barn guests enjoy their recent holiday? Read on and see—–Here are some of the latest excerpts from comments left in the Douglas’s Barn Visitor’s Book. Occasionally (but we haven’t here) we might add a comment made in an email. We put the date but not the name but all comments are quite [...]

The Holiday of a Lifetime

….Surprisingly not in Parwich for a change….…but the amazing treat of a  luxury cruise ‘exploring’ off the northern coast of Borneo for our daughter Ruth! When she rang us only a few days ago to say that she was off, thanks to the kindness of one of her very great friends who had invited her [...]

Jubilee Chicken Recipe

—-A lighter, zestier version of Coronation Chicken—-Well over a month ago now, the Friends of DRCS Fundraising committee hosted a charity lunch for 120, and the dish we prepared was this. Fairly labour intensive for 120, as you can imagine, it should be a doddle for 4 or 8 or even 12. It really is [...]

A TripAdvisor Bouquet for Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns?

………….TripAdvisor Identifies the Top 4 Points that our guests appreciate most……….“Be Warned!” Our latest TripAdvisor review starts off rather worryingly, as if our steady flow of guests is to be put off in a stroke … But no! Thankfully the reviewer goes on to say of Tom’s Barn “this as a dog owner is the [...]

Booking Some Pleasure for 2012

—At last you can book your 2012 holiday in Tom’s & Douglas’s Barns online!—This rather beautiful water lily on our pond is the nearest we could get to a lotus -  a wonderful gleam of light in the dark… With all the current gloom and financial doom it feels – it is -  all the [...]

Keeping Up With Technology

—Social Media for the Rurally Deprived— We have been so lucky in the Peak District in Derbyshire to be able to take advantage of some wonderful and completely free training that is provided for small to medium businesses many of whom operate in very rural areas, bringing employment and money into what are often deprived [...]