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Our Blue Tit Babies Have Hatched

…and they are VERY hungry…I had been intending to do a post about food (!) but just had to share our bird news and show you these pictures. Completely spurning our all-mod-cons-wooden-nesting-box-with-camera, the parents selected instead a hole in the stone wall of the shed opposite the house. It’s obviously quite a spacious hole and [...]

Douglas’s Barn: Our Guests’ Thoughts this Spring

…Some comments from the Douglas’s Barn Visitors’ Book…Douglas’s Barn’s turn now – once again, I will put those with specific recommendations in a separate post. But first I am going to slip in an emailed comment from a lovely couple who stayed with us in April and who have agreed that we can publish their [...]

Tom’s Barn: Spring 2011 Extracts from the Guest Book

Below are some comments that our guests have left. I have already listed and posted separately¬† several with useful suggestions and recommendations about¬† where they’ve been – always helpful for others who may be looking for ideas. There is so much to do locally, no one should be short of ideas but choices have to [...]