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Soothing Mists over Hartington

A warm (warmer, it’s all relative) day so hardly any snow or visible ice about on the roads and paths, although in deep puddles there  still can lurk a layer of ice providing a slippery trap for the unwary. John and I and another group of friends went today to Hartington where most of us [...]

The Last Few Days of 2010

2010 began in snow and shows every sign of ending in snow although the current forecast is for slightly warmer weather, causing fog and mist, but basically ‘staying cold and damp with some patchy light rain’. Meanwhile on a more domestic front, Nick had to be back at work on Boxing Day so set off [...]

A White Christmas for Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns?

- and a new telly for Douglas’s Barn bedroom – It looks highly likely the snow will stay. Both lots of Christmas guests have arrived safely, and managed to get their cars up the final slope. The barns are warm and snug as usual, and feeling very Christmassy especially with the snow outside (although there’s [...]

Salad Days

‘A sure-fire cure for your winter blues’Another post that will only be of any use for people in London (sorry, we will do something a bit closer to home soon) and before Jan 11 when the show  closes; howeevr, if  you are in London and able to go, Salad Days at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, [...]

English as she is Spoke

Evolving English – One Language Many Voices…This report will be of more practical interest if you are in London, or planning a trip before the end of April. We are not often there ourselves, but when we do go try to make the most of any spare time available to visit art exhibitions, the theatre [...]

…Sledges, snow shovels, road salt and mince pies

and a vague weather report as we move towards Christmas…Today we bought two new plastic sledges for the use of our guests and/or rather less excitingly for pulling luggage up to the house if that becomes necessary again. Determined not to be caught out next time round we also purchased a new snow shovel – [...]

Parwich has NO snow!

The snow has pretty well all disappeared! We have been away for a few days for a family wedding in London, and in spite of genuine determination to write posts from the big city itself our time was so happily busy – more of which later – we never got anywhere near a computer. Anyway, [...]

The Sun Keeps Shining over Parwich

…But the snow ain’t meltingThe sun blazes away, day after day, the snow sparkles and the sky is blue but the temperature remains well below zero – one hears of -14′C and even lower at night. The height of the snow is reducing, but almost imperceptibly. Our guests today managed to leave OK with baby [...]

Bert Broomhead’s View of Parwich in 1950

Painted from just behind Orchard FarmIdly watching  the Antiques Roadshow at Chatsworth tonight we were intrigued  when the daughter of an artist called Bert Broomhead (who up until that moment we had never heard of) produced a rather beautiful picture of Parwich painted in 1950. John had recorded the programme and was able to ‘rewind’ [...]

Update on the Weather Front

There is no dramatic news of thaws, or indeed even more snow. The last two days have seen blue skies and apparently warm, bright sunshine but not either warm or bright enough to melt much of the snow although the level is down on its previous highs. I thought the photo of the wallflowers gamely [...]