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The Snow Keeps Falling

Contingency Plans if it never stops… The snow has fallen steadily all day – not violently but determinedly. Our guests seem to be really enjoying it, but needed reassuring about Friday if the fall continues; no doubt future guests will be wondering too… In spite of all the bad weather last winter it never happened [...]

Tuesday Nov 30 Weather Update

SNOW! That’s almost all one need say. This is serious stuff!  John took these photos yesterday – the blue skies and sunshine have gone today and we have had another several inches of snow.   Everything is white, and quite silent. The postman has delivered letters (on foot) but he must have been able to get [...]

Local Weather and Road Reports

The weather for November has been pretty amazing, still with real warmth in the sun and all the cows still out. If you have any worries about roads or weather before coming here do check with us first; and check also for up to the minute reports during adverse conditions on our village blog. Do [...]

Monday Email and Weather Update

10.30am Disregard all below: we are back in email contact with a mass of delayed emails thronging in. How we do rely on technology these days, and how vulnerable when it breaks down. What us more it has stopped snowing and the sun is shining. (The snow we love, it’s just a worry on changeover [...]

Snow Descends on Parwich…

And contingency plans if our lane is snowed up…We thought at first we might miss the snow as the weather people forecasted with barely concealed excitement heavy snow falls for the east coast on the one side and Wales and the south west on the other but remained strangely silent about the middle. However, we [...]

Douglas’s Barn: update on what our guests think

Recent snippets gleaned from the Visitors’ Book‘A fantastic cottage and location; thank you for all the small things like marmalade (yum!) and eggs. Would love to come back. For food: we had a great meal at the Coach and Horses in Fenny Bentley.’ Nov 2010 ‘Beautiful cosy cottage, exceeded our hopes. Had a wonderful relaxing [...]

Some Comments from our recent Tom’s Barn guests

…It’s about time to have a catch up…‘Another fantastic visit (their fifth), fully relaxed following our stay.’ Nov 2010 ‘Would definitely revisit. We highly recommend Ladybower Dam, Poole’s Cavern, Bakewell…’ Nov 2010 ‘Came here last year and immediately rebooked. We weren’t disappointed. Once again Marion and John have thought of everything and the place is [...]

Good Food Recommendations and one good garage

We thought it high time to update our food recommendations (and some other recommendations, too – read on…). Talking of good food, how lucky we are to have so many really good and attractive pubs and shops in the area who take a pride in food that is good by any standard. And talking of [...]

Tom’s Barn: a little piece of heaven on earth

…but even in heaven you may need slippers…We have just received this lovely message below from Natashs and Pete who spent a weekend here  recently. We do appreciate comments and suggestions like this, and in future will certainly warn guests about the quarry tile floors. We have thought about providing those little cotton slippers that [...]

DRCS Comic Revue sell-out!

What a triumph! And a certain future career on the stage for J and MF-S…! Well, perhaps not the last bit but just see the photos… As you may remember, John had early on established an apparent inability or perhaps unwillingness to learn words; his three parts involved a lot of action but no spoken [...]