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News and Pics from Katie and Dan who stayed here last week

Katie and Dan, who spent their honeymoon  here in Tom’s Barn last week have just sent us these lovely photos taken while they were here, with full permission to put them up on the blog for all to see. One evening while they were here this enormous hot air balloon hovered somewhat menacingly over Orchard [...]

Plans for our new video

Well, the die is cast, the decision has been made and Simon the video man will be here on Thursday and Friday next week, with his son Mike. We had been planning to wait until we had heard a definitely optimistic weather forecast but the longish range ones all seem a bit vague about the [...]

A magpie and a hot air balloon over Orchard Farm

No news as yet on the baby blue tit front but there is a lot of flying in and out of the parents; the dove that the crow attacked is still about but if she has chosen anther nest it is certainly better hidden than the one in the haybarn. All the other birds are [...]

Self-Catering Accommodation at Orchard Farm for Blue Tits

Just outside our kitchen window, nailed to a tree, is a nesting box given to us two or three years ago by Debbie – ‘American Deb’ who many of you may have met or at least corresponded with in the past, when she has taken over the reigns while we went away. For several years [...]

Bean crunching: occupancy stats for our barns

The weather has turned lovely again, which is wonderful. It makes it particularly sad that I should have actually chosen to be indoors at the moment, out of the sun and sitting at the computer rather than tackling the weeds or any other outdoor chore that would have justified my staying outside. And actually, the [...]