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Parwich Wakes

Fun and games for allThe annual Wakes Week is upon us once again, and all the activities taking part in wonderfully relaxing warm weather. A short shower of rain last night was only refreshing – one knew it simply couldn’t last! The week always starts with the Parwich Oddfellows’ Procession round the village accompanied  by [...]

Orchard Farm garden in June

What a beautiful spell of warm summery weather, and  the gardens have loved every minute of it! John has been busy – when he has not been working in the garden – photographing all the flowers while they are at their best so when the garden is looking bleak and forlorn later in the year [...]

Tom Chambers to star in White Christmas

Tom and Bing Crosby…Just a quickie to give you a link to a news item on the Parwich Blog today about Parwich’s own Tom Chambers who will be appearing in White Christmas, at the end of the year. We may all be biased but we think he is very good indeed and in time will [...]

Gorgeous gardens in sunny Parwich

and daisies at Orchard FarmParwich  Open Gardens by all accounts was a great success. The day had dawned for us with a slight sense of dismay when our lawnmower packed up half way through John’s final trimming, but we didn’t let that weigh us down too much as short of getting down with the proverbial [...]

Parwich Open Gardens – a garden (still) in the making

It is our village annual Open Gardens day today, and miraculously the sun is shining. There was one day not so long ago when in spite of a truly torrential downpour visitors poured through the Parwich gardens, soaked to the skin. Orchard Farm opens its doors too. We always feel a trifle foolish doing this; [...]

Top Tips: two walks, one wine and pubs that accept dogs

We are always grateful for up to date comments about what to do and where to eat and thought that this thoughtful review, left in the Tom’s Barn Visitors’  book, would be useful for a wider audience. This would  include Douglas’s Barn guests although none of them share the immediate concern about pubs that accept [...]

Five Stars and a Gold Award

We heard some time ago that we had been granted  Five Stars and a Gold Award for both Tom’s and Douglas’s Barns, which of course was a great relief and delight. Just when I was beginning to wonder whether I had dreamed the whole thing we have now  actually received the 2010 Inspection Reports. We [...]

Our new video: Instalment three

The actual filmingI started writing this while Simon was filming our study for the new video. He felt it important that viewers should see the Orchard Farm nerve centre, so to speak. Whether it will survive the cutting/censorship stage remains to be seen. All we are hoping for is an entertaining and informative few minutes [...]

Sad to say two more twits are leaving home.

Short Walks for Oldies(This post was  sent at dawn (ish) this morning by Jenny and Derek, originally as part of a comment to yesterday’s post ‘The Blue Tits have left Home’. We thought it deserved space of its own…) Sad to say two more twits are leaving home. 6am and planning to leave early to [...]

The Blue Tits have left home

Orchard Farm Nesting Box to LetWe don’t know whether we have occasion to be rejoicing or commiserating, I do hope the former. There has been no sign of parent blue tits or offspring for two days. Does anyone know, do the young ones literally just fly the nest, followed by the parents? Or is this [...]